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The top 5 web analytics tools – how do they measure up?

Sometimes, just getting started is the most difficult part. Finding the right tool to measure your website metrics for analytical reporting still seems to be a hurdle too far for many. With numerous tools on offer, it’s hard to select those best suited to your business needs and that also offer the appropriate level of detail. Let’s look over the top 5 tools and see how they measure up. Then decide which is most appropriate for your business and use your new data to fuel your B2B marketingstrategies, benefiting results and gaining online ROI!


Google Analytics 


Launched in 2005, Google Analytics is a free tool that remains the most commonly used by businesses to measure website metrics for analysis. Using a JavaScript page tab and additional cookies, this tool offers a vast array of essential metrics. The tool is well balanced, providing the bigger site data including overall traffic and page views, whilst also offering more in-depth audience detail such as location and content success.

Positive elements of Google Analytics include its ability to offer data in various, easily consumed formats – such as graphs and charts – whilst offering personalized reporting so users get the exact metrics they need without wading through those they don’t. The tool also integrates with other Google based solutions, including AdWords and Website optimizer.

Google Analytics does however produces a few cons, mainly in its use of cookies, meaning visitors must give their consent for their behaviour to be tracked. Added to this, Google Analytics’ ability to offer such an enormous amount of numerical data can becomes a hindrance, leaving it more difficult for marketers to find the metrics they need. Working from numbers to discover current problems and derive future solutions is no easy feat as a beginner.

Setting up this tool is easy! All you need is your website URL and a Google account. Once an account is set up, you can add your URL and customize the specific reporting and data you’d like to see upon login. Click here to get started.




Whilst many of us have previously heard of Google Analytics, not so many have heard about Hotjar. This tool offers a wholly different view of website activity, revealing incredible insight into online audience behaviour and preferences. Providing heat maps and visit activity information, businesses can understand how users are navigating their website. With advanced data on conversion success and form-fill analysis, it’s easy for businesses to understand their website success if converting visitors to leads is the aim. Added to this, users can run polls and gather comments from visitors to gain an understanding of buyer demand.


Hotjar has tons of pros: it’s advanced analytics into the visitor journey allows businesses to fully understand the precise changes they could make to better site performance. The focus on conversion analysis proves useful to businesses keen on achieving new business opportunities through their website boosting the chance of gaining online ROI.

However, as with any tool there are a few small drawbacks. Hotjar lacks those big data figures many businesses need to gain a full understanding of their site. Added to this, the feedback polls can offer misguiding information that clashes with data collected, leaving marketers with little understanding to run with. Some users have claimed the tool slows their loading speed down, so ensure your visitor experience isn’t compromised with your choice of web analytics tool.

Hotjar offer a free service. Getting up and running takes no time; once an account is created you just need to add their code onto your website, run through their set-up features and you’re off! Follow this link to get started and find more information about features set up here.


Website Grader


Owned by HubSpot, Website Grader offers yet another take on business web analytics, aiming to give less numerical data and more practical guidance. Launched in 2007, Website Grader take a business URL, and runs tests on the site to award it an inbound score out of 100. This score is based on a variety of metrics including web traffic, SEO, social media success, loading speed and more. Along with this score, businesses are given pointers on areas they can work on to improve their score.

We love Website Grader; it’s free, so businesses can check their score repeatedly to see how well they’re implementing the guidance. It’s the perfect source for “quick answers”, when marketers are looking to gain some instant insight into what they can do to improve results. Instead of offering hordes of numbers for deep analyses, it gives good-to-go starting points, so marketing departments are instantly productive.

However, the software remains basic, providing only one metric – the inbound score. For data driven marketers, this tool is useful but not fully insightful. The score itself also considers features separate from the website alone, such as social media standing, so doesn’t fully reflect the success of a website in regards its content. The tool fails to offer advice on specific pages or factors making it difficult to understand prominent flaws that could easily be fixed to impact results.

This is the easiest set-up of all (if you can even call it a set up!). Head to their website, provide your details and they’ll send the goldmine of information over. As web analytics tools go, Website Grader offers great gain for very little input.


Open Web Analytics 


Known as both an open and free resource, this General Public Licence tool offers a similar face to Google Analytics, with data made easily readable, organized into graphs and tables. Essential metrics surrounding site traffic, page views and referrals are available with this tool along with more audience focused features such as heat maps, search term reporting and custom-site actions.


Users report that the software and all features load quickly, irrelevant of website size. The data offered is not only insightful, but it’s all numerical making it easy to discover patterns and trends. This tool suits most business needs and is simple to install and maintain. The vast amount of data provided allows users to gain a picture of both the bigger data sets and the finer audience details.

However, the tool lacks in customizable features, making it slightly inflexible when it serves a vast array of businesses. It’s “add-on” nature means that additional features require extra downloads and there is no “do not track” feature, meaning the data gathered includes visits from colleagues, competitors and other groups you may wish to exclude.

Getting this software going takes a little more work than Website Grader, but is still simple. Once downloaded from their website, you’ll be prompted to connect Open Web analytics to a database, where the tool can create tables of desired data – this can be a previously existing database, or a whole new one! Start the installation wizard, and you’ll be ready to go. 


Lead Forensics 


An advanced business-to-business lead generation tool, this multi-talented solution offers exceptional web analytics software with a holistic package of data. Users gain the big web analytics figures they need – such as overall traffic, popular pages and visitor source. They also gain insightful additional metrics including which industries and locations are visiting the most. Lead Forensics goes one step further by also identifying anonymous website visitors.

Learn the names of businesses visiting your website, gain contact details for their key decision makers and a full breakdown of their individual journey across your site (and any previous visits). This completes the data set, offers additional insight to fully understand the audience you’re attracting, whilst generating actionable new business opportunities for your organization.

Getting started with Lead Forensics is easy – Fill out this form, or call us to get in contact with one of our experts who will set you up with your free demo and trial. Learn what the ground-breaking software is capable of in just 10 minutes, then you’ll instantly be sent a tracking code to start your free trial. After seven days, you’ll be amazed at the data your website can offer and the sales-ready leads you’re missing out on every day.

So, book your demo, and get started today!



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