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Top 12 CRO strategies for SaaS companies

While sales cycles are getting longer and buyers have become more ‘savvy’ when it comes to initial research before making a B2B purchase, the SaaS market is still growing. According to Gartner, global revenues are projected to grow to $113.1 billion by 2021. And, Forentrepreneurs found that companies that spend more on sales and marketing are the ones that grow at the fastest rate. With this in mind, for SaaS organizations, websites are a vital tool. In fact, they are one of your most important business assets. Websites are crucial for generating new business opportunities via on-site conversions, building your brand and increasing your revenue. As a leading B2B SaaS brand ourselves, we’ve put together 12 essential tips for conversion-rate optimization (CRO) strategy success.

Make your CTAs engaging (and obvious)

SaaS marketers can be guilty of using complex language or assuming that prospects fully understand the technical ‘ins and outs’ of their solution. Instead of in-depth explanations, use snappy, instructional calls-to-action that guide your website visitors to the next step — placing them proudly above the fold for maximum lead acquisition.

Develop a simple user-experience

When you’re selling high-end technology, you need a high-end website to support you on your mission. Opt for a modern and engaging design, deliver a simple and intuitive user-journey, and make it easy for your visitors to inquire, explore your site and discover what you do.

Analyze buyer behavior

Your website analytics hold the key to accurate, valuable data about your website, visitors and customers. This insight has the power to transform your website’s ability to convert traffic — helping you optimize performance, enhance elements, identify best performing content and gain an understanding of on-site behavior.

A/B test — and then A/B test some more

Just because something works well once, doesn’t mean it’s the answer every time. A/B testing or split testing your landing pages, your CTA copy and just about everything else is a vital step in maximizing conversions. Put yourself in your visitors’ shoes and develop an experience that works for them.

Personalization is powerful

In B2B Marketing, personalization isn’t new. Use your analytics tool and existing customer base to help you create bespoke digital campaigns that lead to specific landing pages. Conduct research into your various buyers, upload industry-relevant content to your site and personalize your calls-to-action for enhanced results.

Offer demonstrations and free trials via your website

According to Totango, 38% of SaaS companies said they do not offer any free trials or ‘freemium’ for their product or service. But, if you’re looking to generate leads via your website, this is a great approach to capturing interest and showcasing what your product can do. Don’t dismiss it!

Implement technology for amplified CRO

CRO technology helps marketers boost on-site engagement — whether that be through the help of a live chat function to offer instant help, AI chatbots to learn and respond to visitors in real-time, personalization software to deliver relevance, or lead generation technology to transform visitors into leads even if they don’t inquire.

Share your success stories

Make case studies obvious on your website, display client testimonials, share customer feedback and work with brand advocates to prove your business is trustworthy and reliable. SaaS isn’t a market built on impulse purchases — so use proof points to reassure visitors.

Track micro and macro conversions

Whether it’s a direct purchase, a request for more information, or a simple sign-up to a company newsletter, every conversion matters. No matter how big or small, a visit to your website — especially your B2B SaaS website — is a clear indication of intent to purchase.

Gated and ungated content marketing

It can be difficult not to turn everything you produce into a lead generation tool. But, overusing calls-to-action and gating every piece of content you create can have a negative impact. Remember, you want your brand to be accessible and educational, too!

Add pop-up banners to your site

Sending prompts, reminders, or recommending content to your website visitors via pop-up banners is a great way to capture their interest before they exit. Remember that a positive user experience is vital, so don’t go overboard!

Speed up engagement to speed up conversions

It’s simple. To win leads, you have to convert your visitors before your competitors get the chance. Instant engagement, real-time follow-ups and reaching out at the perfect time — while your visitor is still in buying mode — will give you the ultimate chance of success.

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