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Top 5 Tips in 2019 For Marketing Excellence


Top 5 Tips in 2019 For Marketing Excellence

Hello! Welcome to Lead Forensics Focus: Elevating your Marketing and Sales Success. Providing expert advice and leading insights on B2B marketing and sales.
In this video, I’m going to discuss five top tips for marketing excellence this year. These include being data-driven, having a website focus and creating impactful content alongside embracing social media and aligning your marketing and sales departments.
These top tips can help you drive a highly effective marketing strategy that achieves winning results.

1) First up – The first top tip is to be driven by data

80% of marketers claim to be driven by data, yet over 70% of teams lack the data required to run elite marketing strategies.
As marketers, we’re always gathering metrics and data from previous campaigns and analyzing the information to identify patterns and trends.
Yet so few departments use this information to make changes and drive success. All the answers you need for incredible results are hidden in those numbers- you just need to find them!
Next time you gather campaign analysis, use data to answer these questions:

a. What were the positive outcomes of this campaign?
b. What outcomes were negative?
c. What could I change to improve those negative outcomes?
d. Which changes would impact results?
e. Should I test these changes before running my next big campaign?

Let your data and analysis drive your marketing decisions to set yourself up for the ultimate success.

2) Then – Focus on your website

A well-designed website can quickly become a valued member of the marketing team, acting as the online hub of all activity.
Your website can work hard for your marketing department, boosting your strategy in many different ways, as long as you understand the importance of this asset.
Focus on your website, asking whether you’ve made it truly visitor-centric. Are content assets easy to find? Is product information focused on benefits as opposed to features?
Once you’re confident in your website and its content, focus on boosting SEO with relevant keywords and topic clusters. You may need to seek some external help to secure SEO excellence, but the time and investment will be worth it.
As 94% of buyer journeys start online, a website focus is key to ensuring your B2B marketing reaches as many people as possible, so you can generate more new business opportunities.

3) In third place – Create impactful content

Bill Gates once said “Content is king”- and he’s not wrong! Content marketing has become very important to an excellent strategy because content has become very important to our buyers.
The average lead has consumed 3-5 pieces of your content before they contact your team. And 95% of buyers purchase from the vendor who continually sent them the most relevant content throughout their buyer journey.
Content assets such as blogs, whitepapers, infographics and videos are important- but there are hundreds of them out there! Yours need to be impactful to stand out.
Stay abreast of current business trends and industry news, instantly maximizing on topics your buyers might find interesting whilst creating some ever-green content surrounding key buyer pain points.
A wide and varied approach to content marketing with a clear brand look, feel and tone of voice will help cement your marketing success.

4) Next – Embrace social media

It took a little while for social media to enter the world of B2B marketing, but thanks to business orientated platforms like LinkedIn, social media is now a marketing strategy essential.
Knowing where and how your target audience is active on social media is very important.
This strategy can include lots of different platforms, and many teams waste time creating content for a platform that their audience just don’t use!
I recommend building up your brand presence on the big four- LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. These are highly popular platforms used by many B2B buyers and are key to success.
However, more niche platforms like Pinterest and Snapchat may not be relevant to your target audience at the moment- so don’t worry about investing in them just yet.
It can be difficult to understand social media lead attribution, so keep your social media plans focused, and carefully consider success measurement and ROI.

5) And finally – Team up with sales

I know aligning sales and marketing can be a challenge, but B2B organizations that have successfully coordinated these teams are 67% more likely to achieve success!
Your ultimate marketing goal is to drive opportunities for sales, so ensuring you understand exactly what they need from you is key.
Make sure you understand

a. Your sales lead criteria
b. Your sales process, including any demonstrations or trials
c. What kind of budget is needed to purchase your product
d. Why some marketing leads are instantly unqualified

This knowledge will help ensure you build a marketing strategy that targets the right audience. Without this insight, your efforts could be wasted.
I hope you have found this video insightful. You’re now ready to revolutionize your daily marketing processes to achieve excellence!
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See you next time

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