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Turn unconverted inquiries into hot opportunities

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Have you ever had someone complete an inquiry form on your website or call you to inquire……..and then you can never get hold of them again?

We know how frustrating this can be as you’ve invested in marketing efforts to generate these inquiries in the first place…

Wouldn’t you want to know if they returned back to your website at a later date and continued browsing again?

The truth is that the buying journey can be long and complex at times, but all is not lost if you can’t close someone at the first chance. With Lead Forensics you will get notified in real-time when your unconverted inquiries return to your website, increasing conversions at the top of the funnel by as much as 40%!

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Generating B2B marketing leads is crucial to business success and vital to proving ROI. But, inevitably, not every visitor that inquires will go on to make a purchase, book a demonstration, or even speak to a member of your team. Perhaps they’ve been exploring other options, or what was once a high-priority job has moved down their to-do list. Whatever their reason for remaining in inquiry limbo, to get the opportunity moving, you need to understand what they’re thinking — and know when they’re visiting your website. Lead Forensics helps you do that; providing full website visibility and helpful visitor insight.

Through intelligent reverse IP tracking, the software reveals the name of the businesses visiting your website — which could well be an unconverted inquiry that’s now ready to move forward.

Lead Forensics recognizes website visitors based on their business IP address, matches them to the global leading database of IP data to reveal the business name, and alerts users in real-time. If the business is one that’s previously made a marketing inquiry, you’ll be in the unique position of being able to reach out when the prospect is at their most engaged: while actively exploring your site. And, with access to detailed analytics and on-site visitor behavior, you’ll know exactly what your prospect is interested in.

The benefits of website visitor identification for unconverted inquiries

Gain behind-the-scenes access to your website visitors

Website visitor identification gives you full visibility into who is visiting your website; whether they are discovering you for the first time, or have previously made an inquiry.

Maximize every opportunity

In the fast-paced B2B world, priorities can change in an instant. With website technology, you’ll never lose sight of a potential buyer — even if they’re not quite ready to make a purchase.

Use behavioral insight to tailor communications

Detailed analytics and on-site behavior empower users to create and deliver the most relevant communications in real-time, enabling personalized experiences and impressing prospects.

Looking to re-engage with once-loyal customers?

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