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Updating your website? Here’s some tips on what to include

You might be aware that over the last few months we’ve been busy designing and building our brand new website (we hope you all like it).

With only 8 seconds to catch the attention of your website visitors, it’s so important to make sure all of your key information comes across quickly and when we were going through the design process, there were some things in particular that we felt had to be included.


So here are our top tips for how to make the most of your website:

Calls to action

The most important thing about your website is clear call to actions. Your website’s designed to educate visitors about your services which will hopefully lead to them contacting you for more information or to purchase your product or service, so what good would it be if your call to action was small and blended in with the content? Ensure you have a bold, eye catching call to action on each page so when somebody is ready to contact you they know what to do. And make it as easy as possible for visitors to make contact by reducing the number of clicks it takes to submit a form.

Regular blog posts

Google and other search engines now index every blog post that is included on your website. With this in mind, the more frequently you update your blog with new posts, the more chance they will show up in search results and attract more traffic. Also, don’t forget to add relevant keywords to your blog copy to help with SEO results. Check out the Lead Forensics Blog to see how we do it .

Contact information

Research shows it frustrates people online when they have to trawl around a site looking for contact information. To make it easy for visitors to get in touch, take your best converting contact method (for example phone, contact form or email) and replicate it on each page, so at each stage of the journey visitors know how to get hold of you.  Even if visitors are interested, but can’t find your contact information easily they’ll leave your site and most probably visit your competitor’s sites instead. In addition being able to find your contact information easily will reassure prospects that once they’ve signed up to your service, they will be able to get hold of you if they need to.

Social Media links

With social media becoming ever more important in all aspects of life, both at home and at work, it’s crucial to have social media links on all of your content, such as blog posts, videos and news articles so you can share it with prospects, peers and other people interested in your company. And it also makes it easy for sharing, if your content is engaging enough, people interested in your services will subscribe, follow and like it and once they are ready to start the sales process they will remember your company and know where to find you.


Analytics on your website is key to measuring the success of your site. Being able to see what pages are working and more importantly which pages people are dropping off of, makes it easy for you to change what is ‘turning’ people off and make more of your pages sticky. IP tracking tools take analytics to the next level and provide insight about not only which pages visitors spend time on, but who these businesses are, how they got to the website, keywords they used and what they looked at on the website, helping you build a profile of who your visitors are and what services they’re interested in before you make contact with them.

Contact us on info@LeadForensics.com or call 0207 206 7293 to find out more about our IP tracking solution.


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