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Use 2015’s sales results to get ahead in 2016

How was 2015 for you? Did you achieve all you set out to?


Whether you’re flying high or feeling it could have gone better, now is the perfect time to reflect on the past year and get planning for what lies ahead.


In the high pressure world of sales and marketing, where targets and results are king, a solid and informed plan can be the making or breaking of you. And there’s no better place to start than by dissecting your performance in 2015 to pull out the key learnings and insights.


Begin by setting some time aside to take a detailed look at how it went – from what worked for you, to what didn’t, and why certain opportunities may have been secured and others missed. All these observations will help you ensure that you grab future prospects with both hands and can focus in on developing your skills in those areas you need to.


Get started by asking yourself these 5 key questions:


What were your key learnings from 2015? 

Take a step back and consider the overall picture. How would you rate the past year? If you had to review it, what would you say? Try and define at least three key learnings you can take from it.


What are the key trends you can identify? 

From business methods to communications and technology, the world we live in is constantly evolving. Developing an ability to spot buyer trends and changing behaviours can be a very valuable skill. Alongside this, can you identify any trends in relation to your own actions, reactions and subsequent results – are there any patterns there?


What performed to plan and what didn’t? Most importantly – why?

Things went to plan? – great! But how did you ensure they would, what steps had you taken? Could you make them even more successful moving forward? And for the things that didn’t quite hit the mark, was it a case of over-forecasting or bad timing? Perhaps there were problems with the content, or you had the wrong resource? See if you can pinpoint what was at the heart of the problem.


What would you do differently?

If you could jump back to any point, is there anything you would do differently? This can actually be a major positive for you to think about. Many of the most successful people in business will say that they learnt the most from their mistakes or failures. What could you do differently that would aid your future success?


Where do you have clear opportunities to grow?

Finally, think where the key opportunities for growth are and plan how you will capitalise on them. Be ‘SMART’ with your goal setting and make sure they are grounded in numbers. Now is the time to shape your future success.


Check back here for more top advice on planning to make 2016 your best year yet. Next time we’ll be looking at effective goal setting and its role in helping you achieve success.


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