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12 ways to increase your b2b lead generation

There are a number of different ways to generate business leads — and it will depend entirely on your organization as to which is best. As a B2B organization, you need high-quality new business leads to expand and gain new clients. First things first, you need to put a strategy in place. Take a look at our guide to creating and executing the ultimate lead generation strategy before you start. This will include outlining goals, selecting your lead generation channels, and ensuring you measure success. Here are 12 sure-fire ways to increase your leads. Apply each option to your business and its wider strategy to see what works best for you and your teams.

1. Should you buy leads?

When you buy sales leads, it can feel like a quick-win solution. It saves you time, you’ll gain access to hordes of data, plus it is instant and easy to calculate ROI. However, some companies sell outdated information, leads are often shared among competitors, it lacks a personal touch as the lead may not know you and leaves little room for niche products. If you decide to buy business leads, do your research. Look into how up-to-date the leads are, and what kind of verification process they go through. See how the leads are shared and consider whether your product may be too niche for the strategy to be effective.

Lead Forensics identifies anonymous website visitors and notifies you in real-time. You’ll also be given access to detailed user journeys, so you’ll gain insight into visitors’ wants, needs and pain points. This means you can present a more personal marketing experience, and ensure the lead has a legitimate interest in your product or service.

2. Inbound lead generation

An inbound lead generation strategy is all about improving the discoverability of your brand online. According to Weidert, content marketing gets three times more leads than paid search advertising. It is an effective way of encouraging people to make the first move and come to you. Online lead generation is not a new idea, and it encompasses multiple lead generation strategies.

3. Social media lead generation

Develop a social strategy and implement across the channels that matter most to your potential customers. Engage, offer insight, and create a two-way conversation.

4. Email lead generation

A strategy as old as time, generating email leads is tried and tested. Ensure email content is personalized and relevant to your market to keep leads interested.

5. Lead generation through content marketing

Content marketing positions you as a thought leader, makes you stand out from competitors and builds trust among potential leads. This is a crucial part of the lead nurturing process.

6. Video lead generation

Content shouldn’t just consist of blog posts and downloadable PDFs — experiment with insightful video output that is shareable, digestible and informative.

7. SEO lead generation

Provide a great user experience, fuel your website with content, and use relevant keywords
to make your way to the top of the search engine. Then, watch leads flood in as they find your site in seconds!

All digital marketing efforts should draw users to your website. This could be anything from signing up to a newsletter or sharing a piece of content, through to making an inquiry or a purchase. Once they land on your site, it is safe to assume some level of interest has been generated. But that doesn’t mean they are ready to make a conversion just yet. Decision-makers may conduct research or not be in an immediate rush to purchase.

Lead Forensics helps you capitalize on website leads. By notifying you of visitors in real-time, your sales and marketing teams are able to reach out to leads while they are most engaged and actively seeking your product or service. The software helps you get in front of the right person and be in the right place at the right time. Fuel them with relevant content, personalize your sales pitch and remind them where you are, even when they are no longer looking.

8. Outbound lead generation

Traditional advertising, press releases, cold-calling and pop-up ads are just a few examples of outbound lead generation. These tactics are disruptive, aiming to grab attention from potential customers; but they often lack a personal touch and can be a little more expensive — according to HubSpot, outbound leads cost 39% more than inbound leads.

9. Telesales companies

There is still a place for cold calling in your strategy. It is a tactic that is tried and tested. It may struggle to compete with modern approaches to lead generation at times, but it can still work effectively when executed well.

10. Affiliate lead generation

Using either a pay per lead or pay per conversion model, affiliate marketing is a way of generating leads through a third-party website using a trackable link to your product or site. This is a great endorsement from the site, as well as a way of generating engaged leads.

11. Lead generation events

B2B events can work wonders for your lead generation process. Tons of like-minded individuals with common interests in your product under one roof — what’s not to love? Remember to pick events wisely and ensure you have the budget in place for tickets and transport and can commit time to the follow-up.

12. Lead gen tools

There are a whole host of tools available to help you increase your customer leads. You can discover the must-have software solutions for lead generation here. When devising your strategy, consider including software from the outset. This way, it is fully integrated and inline from the get-go. According to Invespcro, 80% of marketing automation users saw in increase in leads, and 77% saw an increase in conversions, thanks to software. Be sure to consider the entire lead generation process when selecting a software for you. It can be an investment, and will also require resources in place to operate, manage, and oversee it.

Lead Forensics considers every stage of the lead generation journey. From aligning your sales and marketing teams and integrating smoothly with existing CRMs, to streamlining your lead nurturing process and offering an easy-to-use reporting system. Skyrocket every stage of your process and gain more time to follow-up, reach out and convert leads to sales.

Discover Lead Forensics today — the lead generation software the supercharges your lead generation process. Maximize your website, personalize your sales and marketing approach, access a world of high-quality data, and increase B2B lead generation. Our software can support your business at every stage of the sales pipeline, from website leads through to existing customers, thanks to real-time alerts and a global leading database of business IP addresses. Book your FREE demonstration today and start turning your anonymous website traffic into qualified leads.


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