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Website design hacks to revolutionize your conversions

Think about your favorite brand. What makes it stand out to you? And, why do you enjoy buying from that business? When it comes to successful organizations — no matter what it is they’re selling — their website appearance matters. The colors, the on-site experience, whether or not it looks trustworthy and reliable — all of these factors will impact the success of the website and, in turn, the brand. In fact, the way a business website looks plays a significant role in whether or not a visitor will convert. According to WebFX, 75% of website credibility comes from its design — and, as many as 94% of first impressions relate to design. With this in mind, it’s time to discover the crucial website design hacks that will lead to enhanced CRO.

Employ consistent branding

When it comes to making an impact, increasing the recognizability of your business and building brand awareness, consistency matters. In fact, according to Forbes, consistent branding across all channels increases revenue by 23%. Whether it’s the typography, colors, logo, layout or key messages, everything needs to match across your website, content marketing materials, and any physical documentation, too. This will enable prospects and existing customers to become familiar with your brand, helping you become established. The best and most successful brands are instantly recognizable — oftentimes, even without their logo present. So, create and employ easy-to-follow brand guidelines that are accessible to all. And, ensure that your website is a strong reference point for effective, consistent branding.

Place your calls-to-action above the fold

Your calls-to-action (CTAs) are the instructions you give your website visitors to take an action — ‘buy now’ or ‘click here’, for example. To be effective, they have to be highly engaging and instructional, clearly directing your visitors towards the desired action with relevant copy. To quickly generate the most leads or revenue from your CTAs, they should sit proudly above the fold — within the upper half of your website landing pages to be seen before a visitor decides to scroll. There are a number of other effective tactics to improve the performance of your CTAs — from turning them into buttons to changing their color.

Don’t dismiss negative space

It can be tempting to cram as much information onto a website page as possible. But, for the most effective B2B marketing results — i.e. website conversions, lead generation, and customer engagement — a more minimalist approach could work in your favor. This is where negative space — also known as white space — comes in. On your website, negative space is made up of all the ‘empty’ space in between text and images. According to Smashing Magazine, strategic negative space can increase reading comprehension by as much as 20%. So, to make your calls-to-action stand out, ensure there’s enough negative space on your pages and avoid overcrowding them with large quantities of information.

Humanize your site

When developing your business website, it’s crucial to put yourself in your visitors’ shoes. What makes for an enjoyable on-site experience and overall buyer journey? Prioritize creating a seamless user journey, an unbeatable user experience, and a simple, intuitive navigation. Opt for human language, relevant imagery, and do what you can to reduce the loading time of your website and its pages. Consider the various devices your audience will view your website on — ensuring that you optimize it for desktop, mobile and tablets. According to WebFX, almost three quarters of users are more likely to return to websites that are mobile-friendly.

Split test the elements you change

The only way to truly revolutionize your website conversions through effective and attractive design is to test for success. Try split testing your landing pages and calls-to-action to see what works best for your audience specifically. Use your website analytics to identify your best performing pages and content, and be sure to make changes where necessary. If large quantities of traffic are arriving at your website but leaving before they make an inquiry, it’s up to you as a B2B marketer to identify how and why. Remember, there’s always a level of experimentation and ongoing changes when it comes to great marketing — so don’t stop testing after one website success story.   

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