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6 ways to use a website IP address tracker

An IP tracker provides a whole host of benefits to your business — and it can be used in a huge variety of ways. Every business is different, and when it comes to selecting software for your B2B organization, it is key to choose tools that will supercharge your most important processes and plans. Consider your wider strategy and implement software that will support, streamline and help you reach your goals. From generating new business leads to getting to know your website visitors, we have put together 6 intelligent and innovative ways to use the best IP tracker software to grow your business and achieve the ultimate results.

Discover new customers

With a robust digital marketing strategy in place, your online activity should be driving traffic to your website. Not every visitor will be ready to make a purchase immediately — especially business buyers with limited budgets, multiple decision-makers and an extensive research process. But just because a visitor doesn’t inquire straight away, it doesn’t mean they are not interested in your product or service. With an IP tracker in place, you’ll discover the identities of your website visitors even if they do not make an inquiry — opening your eyes to a bounty of brand new potential customers. This gives your team a chance to get in front of leads they never knew they had, increasing opportunities and keeping your funnel topped.

Maximize existing customers and pipeline

It isn’t just new business that IP address trackers can identify. If enhancing your customer experience or maximizing upselling and cross-selling opportunities are a part of your plan, then tracking your website visitors with effective tools could benefit your business. By discovering when your current clients or businesses in your existing pipeline are exploring your site, you can stay one step ahead of new opportunities at all times. When selecting a software, look out for technology that provides real-time notifications — like Lead Forensics, for example — as this gives you an advantage over your competitors and provides you with the benefit of timing.

Reconnect with lapsed customers or pipeline

For B2B organizations, your customers are your most vital assets. However, not everyone will stick around for the long-run. Business needs can change, budgets may decrease, and, in turn, your customers or hot leads may no longer be in the position to purchase your product. That doesn’t mean they will never be interested again — and, when they find themselves undertaking research to re-invest, you want to be at the forefront of their minds. Use IP tracking technology to get notified when previous customers or lapsed pipeline land on your site. This way, you’ll be instantly aware they are looking for your product or services, and able to reach out and offer a perfect solution they are already familiar with.

Gain user insight

The more data you can access, the merrier! When it comes to your website visitors, it is just as important to identify what they are looking at as it is to discover who they are. Identify your best referrer channels, so you can see which of your marketing activities is driving the most traffic. Discover the pages your visitors are exploring, find out where they are exiting quickly and get to know what content is performing best. This way, you can get inside the heads of your target audience, tailor your approach, improve your customer experience and execute the ultimate marketing campaigns.

Align your teams

For too long, sales and marketing departments have been considered worlds apart — executing different jobs and working towards separate aims and goals. To execute a robust and seamless business strategy, every team needs to be on the same page. For optimum success, aligning your sales and marketing teams so they are working to meet common objectives is a crucial step. Technology can help synchronize your teams and improve your processes — with large quantities of data, specific visitor insight, and integration with a customer relationship manager (CRM), teams can manage, and nurture leads effectively with no overlap or confusion.

Optimize your website

Your website needs to be the digital hub of your business. As a visitor lands, their user journey should be simple and enjoyable — with nothing standing in the way of them making a conversion or becoming a customer. With IP tracking often comes detailed website analytics, providing users with valuable insight to help them design a better website experience. How easy is your website to navigate? What is your bounce rate like? What changes can you make to your pages to ensure every visitor has the maximum chance to be impressed and transform from an uninterested visitor to an engaged lead? Use the available data to your advantage!

Lead Forensics is a leading IP address tracker that can support business at every stage of the funnel. The tool works by tracking the visitors that land on your B2B website and — thanks to a global leading database of business IP addresses — revealing their previously anonymous identity in real-time. This way, businesses can discover the exact organizations landing on their site — helping them identify potential customers, even if they don’t inquire. And, with access to contact details of key decision-makers and detailed user journeys, sales and marketing teams have everything they need to execute the ultimate pitch. Discover a bounty of leads directly through your website and book your free demonstration today!


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