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How website visitor tracking can transform your sales funnel

Website visitor tracking can revolutionize the way your business generates leads, as well as supporting every stage of your funnel. Thanks to intelligent data, B2B organizations can discover who is viewing their website, what they are looking at, and often what channel they have come from. This information can be extremely valuable to both marketers and sales teams, helping them to discover businesses interested in their product and services. Whether they discover your brand through a social media marketing campaign, or are an engaged customer looking to make another purchase from you, gaining this insight in real-time can be the difference between a high-value sale and a missed opportunity.

The stages of the sales funnel

● Awareness
This is all about demand generation. For your business to be successful, your audience needs to know about you. Utilize social media to shout about what you do, implement a quality content marketing strategy to position your brand as a leader, and build a great reputation so prospects don’t have to think twice about trusting you further down the line.
● Discovery
Here, your target audience knows who you are, and a potential customer is interested. You should be scoring leads, making use of a buyer persona, or referring to a clearly defined qualification process. At this stage, it is crucial to find out what your prospect is looking for to ensure you are a good fit for each other.
● Evaluation
It is time to prove your value. While generating demand gets potential customers interested in your brand, it is up to you to keep them engaged. Provide them with appropriate content, show them your client success stories and remind them how your product can help their brand, industry or sector specifically.
● Intent
Now, it is time to utilize what you know to make your prospect an offer they can’t refuse. Take into account research you have undertaken, conversations you have had, and what you learned in the discovery stage to tailor your approach to suit your potential customer. And remember, different buyers respond to different sales techniques. Choose and negotiate wisely!
● Purchase
After a successful sales transaction, you have acquired a new customer. Remember, this is not the end of your buyer’s journey — in fact, it is just the beginning. Ensure completing the purchase is simple — clear calls to action and minimum form-fills are a must. Nothing should stand in the way of getting your customer to convert.
● Loyalty
Retaining customers is extremely important for your B2B organization. So, don’t just focus on acquisition — ensure your existing clients see value in your product or service, and still appreciate your brand. Consider offering a loyalty scheme to reward long-standing customers, as well as reaching out with product recommendations and offers to entice them back.

Understanding prospect behavior

Numerous B2B website visitor tracking solutions will provide user journeys. This visitor insight is crucial, and puts your marketing and sales team at an advantage when it comes to generating leads. Getting to know everything you can about potential customers can help you tailor sales pitches, send relevant content, and provide a highly-relevant and personalized experience. Discovering which marketing channel your users have come from will help establish what is working and what is not. Is social media your biggest referrer channel? Or is paid digital advertising generating the most interest? See the pages your website visitors explore — where do they arrive? Where do they stay for large quantities of time? And, more importantly, at what point do they leave? This can help you make appropriate changes to your website, enhance your user journey, and keep potential customers engaged for longer.

Using website visitor tracking to fill your pipeline

Businesses looking to gain qualified leads fast should make use of the best website visitor tracking software. By tracking visitors to your website, you will gain insight into what kinds of businesses are interested in your brand or product. Similarly, you can utilize the information to reach out to potential customers when they are most engaged. Software that tracks IP addresses can alert you of the businesses exploring your website, comfortably within the realms of data compliance. If you believe that business has a legitimate interest in your brand, product or service, then your sales team can reach out. This keeps your pipeline topped up with potential customers — after all, if someone is visiting your B2B website, it is safe to assume they are in the market for what you provide, or at least interested. It can also work when it comes to upselling, cross-selling, and re-engaging— gaining insight into when your existing clients, lapsed customers and current pipeline are visiting your website is extremely useful, too.
Lead Forensics is a website visitor tracking software that helps fill your sales funnel with engaged leads, directly from your website. It works by alerting users of website visitors in real-time — using IP address tracking to notify them of the business visiting their B2B site. Users will also gain access to key decision-maker contact details and detailed user journeys. This way, sales and marketing people can reach out to the right person at the right time, and tailor their follow-up to achieve the ultimate results. Supercharge your lead generation, maximize your B2B website, and keep your sales funnel topped with qualified website leads. Discover Lead Forensics and book your free demonstration today.


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