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4 of the best website visitor tracking tools for B2Bs

Website tracking offers a number of benefits to businesses. From finding out who is viewing your website, to discovering which of your pages is most engaging — it provides a whole host of data you can utilize to ensure you get the most from your B2B website. Your digital presence is more important than ever before — and your website should be the online hub of your organization. According to BlueCorona, 70-80% of consumers research a business online before visiting in person or making a purchase. And, SWEOR found that it takes 0.05 seconds for a visitor to form an opinion about your website.

For the ultimate impact, you need to make each and every visit count! From creating impactful content to improving your website user journey, there are several ways to help keep visitors engaged. And, website visitor tracking tools are an effective way to maximize on every visit, helping you see what works, what doesn’t, and where changes need to be made. Plus, you can identify your best referrer channels and help prove marketing ROI. But, with so many tools available — which one will add the most value to your business? Let’s explore 4 of the best website tracking tools for your B2B organization.

Google Analytics

“The tools you need to better understand your customers.”

Google Analytics is a popular website tracking and analytics tool. It works using a website tracking code and provides insight into your website visitors’ behavior. The tool helps identify your most successful referrer channels, as well as measuring sessions, bounce rates, conversions and geographic location of your website visitors. Google Analytics also provides insight into page views, time spent on each page and other useful behavioral data, helping you gain an understanding of what your website visitors are looking at. The tool is free to use, accessible for businesses of all sizes, and helps you assess the quality of your site and where changes need to be made.


“Blaze a trail to success, whatever your business size.”

Salesforce is a leading tool that provides marketing and sales solutions for small and medium businesses — from a customer relationship management system to a unified marketing platform. Like Google Analytics, Salesforce offers a website tracking tool and analytics to help you get the most from your business website, providing you with visitor insight. With Marketing Cloud Data Management and Analytics, Salesforce users are able to discover more about their website visitors, enhance customer journeys and set marketing goals. And, using Collect Tracking Code, users can capture data about known contacts from their existing database, and see the behavior of unknown or anonymous visitors that they do not have the contact details for.


“There’s a better way to grow.”

HubSpot is an inbound marketing, sales and service platform designed to help businesses grow. HubSpot uses browser cookies to track website visitors, which means that when a visitor lands on your website for the first time, a cookie will be associated with that user, tracking their journey moving forward. It is important to note that if a visitor deletes their cookies, they will be considered a new visitor. The platform does not track unique visitors — instead, the metric is based on user behavior. It also offers an analytics tool, identifying the sources of your website sessions, and providing data about your website visitors’ actions — such as page views and clicks on calls to action.

Lead Forensics

“Turn anonymous traffic into sales.”

Lead Forensics is a website tracking tool with a difference. Not only does it provide detailed user journeys of your website visitors and help you identify where changes need to be made, but it also sends you real-time notifications and reveals the previously anonymous identities of your visitors — from first-time visitors to existing customers. Thanks to the advantage of knowing the exact business visiting your website, your sales teams and marketers are able to contact engaged leads that have already expressed an interest in their brand, product or service — instantly transforming your sales funnel. And, with the software’s newest feature, Lead Reveal, users can even receive alerts to their desktop, removing the need for users to login multiple times.

Is website visitor tracking right for your business?

Website visitor tracking can help put your organization at an advantage when it comes to the perfect sales pitch, but every business is different. And, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all software solution to suit everyone. Before starting your journey with any marketing or sales technology, it is crucial to be sure it is the right one for your business. Go back to your marketing strategy, ensure you know what your objectives are, and select a software that will best support your wider business goals. Consider creating a pros and cons list so you can be certain the software you choose is the best option for your business. And, ensure it slots seamlessly into the day-to-day running of your business.

Lead Forensics is a website visitor tracking software that revolutionizes the B2B lead generation process. It works by revealing the identity of your anonymous website visitors and alerting users in real-time. Thanks to a global leading database of business IP addresses, users will discover the business names of their website visitors. And, they will gain access to the contact details of key decision-makers in that organization, as well as detailed visitor journeys. This way, users can reach out to the right person at just the right time, with the ultimate personalized sales pitch. Discover a bounty of engaged leads, directly through your business website. Book your free Lead Forensics trial today.


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