‘What do B2B buyers really care about?’: the highlights - Lead Forensics

‘What do B2B buyers really care about?’: the highlights

On 25 February 2021, Lead Forensics hosted a podcast featuring some of the great minds in business to address the all-important question: What do B2B buyers really care about?

The answer is critical for sales and marketing teams alike — arming them with relevant information and techniques to cater to the wants and needs of their prospects, and ultimately close the sale.

Alison Edgar, MBE, widely know as ‘The Entrepreneur’s Godmother’, hosted the online event, which featured an expert sales and marketing panel including:

The KEY Takeaways

1. Understand how YOUR product caters to THEIR needs

It is important that B2B buyers not only know what your product does, and how it works, but also, how it will help them specifically.

“People want even more clear, objective and quantifiable proof that the solution has a high probability of solving a challenge.” – Todd Mumford, Riverbed Marketing

To a buyer, their business is the only one they care about; and rightly so. Your team must be able to convey how what they’re selling will help their prospect, whether that’s with relevant case studies to prove that the product works for their industry, or an entirely bespoke sales pitch, designed to solve the company’s pain points.

“I need to spend half an hour researching what that individual wants or needs… I have to know all that information prior to the call. I need to be target questioning to find out how our product is going to support their needs.” – Matthew Hall, Lead Forensics

As Matthew said, conducting that all-important research before contacting your potential buyer is crucial for success. Finding answers to questions you typically ask during a call saves time that can be spent asking high-value questions, and getting crucial answers. And, when competition is stronger than ever, it provides a competitive edge.

2. Buyers want to build relationships

Delivering exceptional customer experience is a vital foundation to building a relationship with your buyers. Show the prospect that you and your company are in this for the long-run, and that you truly want to see them succeed using your product.

“Account management is still important. Relationship building and nurturing relationships is incredibly important. People need to feel loved and helped and wanted.” – Chris Murray, Lucrum House Training

In a similar way, showing the prospect that you are human during a sales call, instead of delivering the same pitch they’ve heard time and time again, gives you the chance to showcase your personality, your brand values, and build that all-important trust.

“People want to understand people. It’s an old sales adage. We buy from people; people buy from people. And so, if people can see some personality that’s helpful as well.” – Owain Williams, Dremur

3. Closely aligned sales and marketing teams is a must

Ensuring your sales and marketing teams are tightly aligned and working in harmony was highlighted as a necessity by the panel.

I think what happens down the funnel in sales is influenced by what happens in the early stages of marketing, and the story that we create around our brand. We need to be able to tell the right compelling story quite early.” – Todd Mumford, Riverbed Marketing

As Todd says, marketing and sales should collaborate their efforts to provide prospects with a cohesive journey through the company and as a result of that; tell a cohesive story from the beginning to the end of each transaction.

4. Know the expectations your buyers have

Prospects will generally undertake their own research before reaching out – so their expectations will already be set, and an opinion has been formed.

“Everybody knows how they want to be treated by a salesperson… customers have a right to expect that if someone’s going try and sell them something, they’re doing it for all the right reasons.” – Chris Murray, Lucrum House Training

Showing potential buyers that you are conducting your sales pitch because you truly believe your product can benefit their business will increase trust between the buyer and the business.

“We have to ensure that it’s right for the customer in uncovering and overcoming the issues that customer has explained to us. And if so, do we then produce a return on investment?” – Matthew Hall, Lead Forensics

5. Passion from the sales team

If a salesperson is not passionate about their product, how can they expect buyers to be passionate about purchasing it?

“If they’re not in the zone, they’re not feeling passionate, then all of their communication reflects that… upskill, learn something new re-energize, retrain – take control of what you can control.” – Owain Williams, Dremur

If you, as a salesperson, have found yourself in the pit of dispassion – education and awareness are key! Learn a new skill, or revisit an old one. Consider reading some case studies on how your company has benefitted customers.

You can listen to ‘What do B2B buyers really care about?’ in full here.

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