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What does the future hold for marketing software?

We can’t predict the future, but we sure can make some educated guesses about the future of marketing software. As an established lead generation software company, we’ve seen our fair share of developments in the marketing software world. So, what do we think is in store for some of the most popular marketing approaches going forward?

The future of marketing software

We expect big things over the course of the next few years which will shake up how businesses approach their marketing mix. We predict a notable increase in the overall purchase of marketing software in b2b companies.

Software for social media marketing

Social media isn’t going to go away anytime soon. We predict it will continue to grow, and the need for software to meet the demand will increase. This is the future we see:

  • Video marketing will continue to shake things up on social! We expect to see more video content in favor of static images or articles. More and more marketing professionals will invest in video marketing and editing software.


    • ● According to LinkedIn, 90% of the top-performing salespeople use social media in their strategy. Disruptive social selling tools will become a must-have!


    • ● Social growth automation will help companies grow their social media channels. This will save social media executives time they would spend undertaking follower strategies.


  • Augmented reality sounds like a futuristic concept — but think about how quickly platforms like Snapchat and Instagram adopted and owned AR in social media, and you’ll soon realize that it is no longer a brand-new concept! We see this continuing to grow and becoming crucial to the success of brands — new and old.


Email marketing software

It may be the oldest trick in the digital marketing book, but it’s not over for email marketing! It is evolving, however, and it needs marketing software to help it get there quicker. Here’s what we predict:

    • ● Email marketing will eventually become entirely automated, saving time, money and improving efficiency!


  • ● According to InstaPage, personalized emails deliver transaction rates that are six times higher! The need for personalization will continue to rise. Marketing software will take an approach focused on customization, audience segmentation and personalized calls-to-action.


    • ● Privacy will continue to be a barrier between marketers and customers, but customers will provide the necessary information in return for a personalized service.


Marketing automation software

It has been estimated by economist W. Brain Arthur that by 2025, technology will replace 100 million jobs. We agree that the use of automation will soar!

  • Chatbots save companies huge amounts of time by answering FAQs and directing genuine questions to customer service professionals. We see these being implemented everywhere — especially when it comes to brands that work with a young audience.


  • ● According to Gartner, features of artificial intelligence will be seen in almost every new software product by 2020. Prepare to see AI everywhere!


    • ● As automation software grows more popular, consumers will get used to the automated approach. We predict this will see a demand for more human interaction!


SEO marketing software

The more and more channels and options we have for searching, the more dedication we need to an effective SEO strategy. That’s why we see marketing software for SEO taking off!

    • ● Like voice search before it, visual search will see a huge increase in popularity. We predict a rise in visual search and expect to see a massive change in the way we optimize our websites.


  • ● Optimizing video for SEO is crucial if you want to be discovered on platforms like YouTube and Vevo. Software that takes search engine optimization off your hands will gain popularity going forward, saving marketers valuable time.


Website visitor tracking software

Your website should be where all the elements of your business come together. If it’s not, then something’s not right! Tapping into your anonymous web traffic is a great way to make the most of your website — and we think more of you will start using marketing software to do it.

  • ● More brands will be making the most of software that helps them discover their anonymous web traffic to help them generate leads effectively. Lead Forensics, for example, identifies the businesses viewing your site and provides you with contact information for the key decision-makers.


    • ● Real-time updates from website visitors will become a must. Automatic notifications alerting sales teams when key accounts or potential customers are viewing their website will speed up the sales process and improve the buyer journey.


  • Personalization software will make generating and nurturing leads based on website data much easier, and it will take it to a more personal level for customers.


CRM software

According to Digital Connections, more than a third of people are more likely to buy from a brand that sends them tailored messages. So, using your audience’s data wisely is crucial. Here’s how we see customer relationship management software developing:


  • Account based marketing will continue to rise and so will the software that helps companies build profiles from their key accounts’ data, and manage it in a simple, straightforward way.



  • ● With effective CRM software in place, and an increase in the adoption of ABM, sales and marketing teams will become a well-oiled machine. Software that considers the buyer’s entire journey as opposed to keeping marketing and sales data separate will become the norm.

Whether you take a traditional approach to marketing, or you were an early adopter of automation and software — the future of marketing software is set to be an exciting one. It is often a big decision, and in some cases a big investment, so ensuring you choose the right software for your business is key. Here are some of our favorites!

We’re proud to be leading the way with cutting-edge lead generation software to help businesses get the most out of their anonymous website visitors. The lead generation and nurturing process is imperative to your business’s success. Implementing software to turbo-charge the process! If you want to make the most of the hot leads on your website and revolutionize your approach to lead generation, find out more about Lead Forensics. Book a demo today!


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