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What is AIDA and how is it used?

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If you’re in B2B marketing, you’ll hear the term AIDA used all the time.
It’s an idea that we know has worked in the past, and there’s little doubt about its future.
Right! Let’s pick it apart to understand how we can use it to see the best lead generation results.

So, what is AIDA?

AIDA is a description of the stages your buyers go through when they discover a brand and make an enquiry about its product or solution.
It enables marketers to plot how to grab the audiences’ attention, encourage them to express an interest, and get them to act on that interest. It can be broken down into four steps.

1. A stands for Attention

You grab your audience’s attention through an advertising or marketing campaign.
So, they become aware of your brand.

2. I stands for Interest

You generate interest in your product or service through sharing the benefits and capabilities of what you do.

3.) D stands for Desire

You move the buyer from ‘liking it’ to ‘wanting’ it through making an emotional connection with the product or service.

4.) A stands for Action

Now, you persuade the buyer to take action! It’s time for them to interact with your company and take the next step forward. This could be downloading an asset, filling in a contact form or getting in touch.
As you can see, AIDA is simple in definition. It’s logical and clear how each step works.
It’s important to remember that, sometimes, these steps can take just seconds. Someone may see a social media post or receive an email and take action straight away.
Or they might take a little longer. They may receive a mail shot and become more aware of who you are.
Later, they might look at your website. After a month, they may come across a piece of content that causes them to finally take action.
Whatever the time frame, if you prepare for all the steps, your B2B marketing strategy will work. Simple!

So, how is AIDA used?

Knowing AIDA works is one thing but using it in everyday marketing takes a little more thought!
Let’s look at some of the most popular B2B marketing channels for new business lead generation, and discover how AIDA can benefit each one…
Email marketing is one of the oldest channels in the book. How can AIDA help?
First, make sure your subject line catches the reader’s attention. After all, it’s the first thing they’re going to see!
Next, make sure your readers are interested in learning more by giving your copy a killer opening line.
To make your audience desire your product, you’ll need a hook that’s truly irresistible.
Now, get them to take action! Make sure the next step seems like the easiest thing in the world for your audience.
Content really is king. So how can we ensure strong results with AIDA?
To capture attention with content, make sure it’s relevant, valuable and exciting to your audience.
Now they’re reading your content, you need to generate interest by showing you have the answers they need.
With those answers, you’re able to drum up that desire for your product or solution.
Then, they’ll ready to take action! Don’t forget to include a powerful and eye-catching call to action to generate business leads.
Digital marketing’s primary aim is to get you seen on search engines like Google. But can AIDA help generate revenue driving leads?
Grabbing attention with clickable page ads and headers means high ranking spots. That’s what you’re working towards, so make it stand out.
These ads should take potential customers through to pages that are of interest to them. So, think about the layout, elements, imagery and language you use.
When working with SEO or PPC, the best way to create desire is with quick-fire stats and facts. That hook is essential!
Now, the focus needs to be the action. So, prioritize getting them to the next step and point towards your call to action.
Social media has come into a world of its own in the search for new business leads. Let’s see how AIDA can help generate a consistent stream of high-quality business leads.
Social posts have a short shelf life, so they need to grab attention fast. Make sure every post is 100% relevant by leveraging current events!
Generate interest with attractive images and video that will stand out from the noise.
Creating desire on social media is easy. Offers, discounts, knowledge sharing and testimonials work like a charm.
Social media offers plenty of ways to take action. Likes, comments, messages… or you can even take things offline by organising a call of face-to-face meeting.
For B2B marketers, AIDA works.
So, take this knowledge and maximize your marketing channels to see more new business leads than ever before!
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