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Why you should consider lead generation companies

Lead generation is what all marketers aim to accomplish; we reach out to an audience, offering them an opportunity and want them to grab hold of it. When this happens we pat ourselves on the back and call our new, interested, possible future client a “lead”. These leads are then passed on to sales who work their magic, turning them into a client. It’s easy to think you’ve got the process nailed- why would you need a lead generation company when your channels are already doing it for you?

50% of B2B companies see generating high quality, sales ready leads as a challenge for 2018, and 72% of companies see it as their primary focus. Lead Forensics is passionate about bringing a world-class lead generation solution to B2B organisations, allowing them to see the full potential of what they can achieve. We show you what businesses are visiting your website and provide the details to match. If our free demo and trial aren’t enough to pique your interest as to why a lead generation solution could benefit your marketing and sales, here are six reasons why you should consider a lead generation company (specifically- our company!):


1) You will only talk to leads that matter


Cold-calling is hard work; people don’t like receiving them, even those that make the calls don’t want to receive them! So don’t do it. Warm-call instead- call data that is already “warmed up” to your company after they’ve engaged with your website. 70% of your website visitors are in need of a solution, and 30% of them are just browsing the market; whatever they came on your website for- call them up and check they found everything they needed and see if they want to know more…

“But how do I know who they are?” Its ok- Lead Forensics can tell you! Whenever a business visits your website, Lead Forensics takes the IP address and runs it through the largest IP database in the world matching it to their business details, letting you know their business name, address and phone number, along with names and email addresses for key decision makers. We’ll also tell you how they found your company online, and what pages they looked at on your website.

All of this information lets you to revolutionize your cold-calling. You can have a fully tailored approach prepared in minutes and dial their number seconds after they’ve visited. We have improved our clients cold-calling by 38%, because they’re only calling the leads that matter.


2) It benefits your other marketing channels


Marketing always comes back to your website. Whether sending an email, sharing content on social media or running a PPC campaign, marketing in the modern day is as much about driving website traffic as it is about generating leads. Your website is the activity hub of all your marketing efforts, it acts like the front cover of a magazine, enticing people to pick it up and read.

When Lead Forensics is added to your website, its ability to record visits alerts you to their source, so you know exactly what page they’ve landed on and which campaign they’re responding to. Not only does this allow for thorough lead attribution, it also helps analyse your web traffic and what channels affect it differently. It’s great to know you have 10,000 website visits, but unless you know where they came from, the information is pretty useless.

So now you have several benefits, a better grasp on your ROI, a great analysis of what website pages are causing bounce rates and need updating along with advanced insight on your landing pages and their conversion rates.


3) Promotes a strong warm lead nurture program


Nurtured leads spend 47% more with your company than non-nurtured leads. This is why so many B2B companies run warm lead programs, sending out regular, relevant content and using a mixture of trigger emails and lead scoring to earn inquiries. You give them plenty of useful and insightful content, so you earn credibility, and then you’re seen as an expert in your field.

Generating warm leads is just as important as generating hot ones, and Lead Forensics promotes both. Every recognised visit offers plenty of email addresses for key decision makers. If they’ve been on your website, there’s an interest there (and they may even need your solution!), so send them some content. Thanks to the information provided, you know what pages they looked at, and what industry they’re in so send them some industry specific case studies, or further information about the page they were on.
The average buyer consumes 3-5 pieces of content before they inquire, so get that journey started, and if you see them visit often, it’s time to grab that phone and give them a call!


4) You get the data you need, when you need it


There’s a constant struggle for data in B2B marketing and sales. When a lead comes through we want to take action, give them a call or drop them an email- but if the data isn’t there, the action is thwarted. Lead Forensics solves this problem; when a business visits your website, our software identifies them and provides you with accurate, thorough data.

You’ll have all the details you could possible need, so you can take action on this lead by phone, email, direct mail, social media- anything you like! You’ll even have names and email addresses of key decision makers- so when you call in, you’ll know exactly who you want to speak to. This means your CRM will become chock-full of fresh data, which in turn feeds into automated marketing processes for future prospecting.


5) You can manage your leads throughout the pipeline


It’s all very well to generate plenty of leads, but what happens to them after that first call? 60% of B2B companies haven’t combined their marketing and sales departments, so marketing get leads over to sales, but rarely see the details of their journey. They just know the final revenue, and that’s that.

Lead Forensics allows for complete transparency between departments with the Lead Manager function, where you’re able to assign leads to salespeople who can the use the software to book in calls and follow ups, tracking the lead through the sales pipeline until they can mark them as “client”.

This means everyone’s on the same page, and as a bonus, you’re able to acquire an impeccable response time. You’re 4000% more likely to qualify a lead if they’re called in the first 5 minutes- this is easy with Lead Forensics, as it takes literally seconds to assign leads from marketing to sales.


6) Great ROI


We’ve mentioned it briefly, but we know it’s always on a keen marketers mind. You need return on investment to feel secure in the decisions you’re making, especially when new budgets and strategic planning come into the mix.

Lead Forensics clients have seen ROIs in excess of 2500%, but don’t just take our word for it- hear it from our customers, like Alan at The Scottish Business Awards- “2615% ROI in one month, first sale achieved after ten minutes of using Lead Forensics”

Added to the incredible results our clients have seen, the Lead Forensics software can help you delve into ROIs from other channels. As you can attribute leads to their source, you can use the software to easily pull reports of PPC visitors, those who read your blog or people that found your website through a paid Facebook advert. Within minutes of launching an online campaign- you’ll see the direct effect on your website and learn a lot more from the campaign results.


And there it all is. We are keen to prove the benefits a lead generation solution can bring to any B2B marketing department, and with our bespoke pricing structure, our solution can fit any size B2B company with a website. We hope you’ve found this insightful, and we’d love to thank you for reading this far by showing you a free demo of our software, so you can see these words spring off the page and into action. Our team can set it up for you in minutes- so why not get started? Revolutionize your lead generation and convert those leads to sales with Lead Forensics. 


Free guide –  Effective multi-channel models for marketing and sales has plenty more information in about lead generation companies as part of an overall B2B marketing strategy. If you found this interesting, you should definitely give it a read!


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