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Win back lapsed customers

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So you had a loyal customer, that at some point decided against renewing their contract or has taken their business somewhere else…….. you are not alone!

Every business has experienced the heartbreak of losing a client. You could have the best product in the market, provide world-class customer service, and charge a fair price and still… sometimes clients decide to move in another direction.

While these are the most painful goodbyes, it doesn’t always mean goodbye… forever.

Introducing Lead Forensics for lapsed customers.

Lead Forensics will identify whenever a previous client visits your website, and give your team another opportunity to win them back!

Perhaps the business has a new decision-maker on the team, or procurement wants to re-evaluate your offering. Or Maybe… they want to see if your company added new products or services that would have prevented them from leaving in the first place.

Or… they simply realized that the grass was in fact not greener, and they are back on the hunt for a supplier.

Lead Forensics allows you to welcome these clients back with open arms by alerting your team when a former client is back in the market and provide them with a valid reason for reengaging them.

Goodbye doesn’t have to be forever… with Lead Forensics. Contact us today!

Not every customer will stick around for life — and every business has experienced the heartbreak of losing a good one. You could sell the best, most fairly priced product in the market and a once-dedicated customer could still decide to go in a different direction. But, when they change their mind — what’s the first thing they’ll do? That’s right — they’ll find their way to your B2B website. Right now, fostering loyalty (even that of lapsed customers) is everything — to boost your reputation; ensure a consistent and growing revenue stream, and maximize your customer satisfaction. That’s where Lead Forensics comes in.

Our innovative reverse IP tracking technology uses a simple code to identify your visitors based on their unique business IP address. This information is then paired with the global leading database of matched business IP data, and instantly reveals the identity of your website visitor. When a lapsed customer lands on your website, users are alerted in real-time and provided with detailed on-site behavior, analytics, and key decision-maker contact details. A relevant team member can then reach out with a genuine reason to re-engage — and share a personalized message based on the content they explored. Contacting lapsed clients has never been easier.

Whether there’s a new decision-maker involved in the business or more available budget to purchase your product… you need to know when a previous customer is back and visiting your site; even if they’re simply exploring their options. Lead Forensics allows you to welcome past clients back with open arms.

How to get lapsed customers back with website visitor identification software

Reach out in real-time

Remind your former customer why they chose to work with you in the first instance and astound them with perfectly timed and highly relevant communications.

Build long-lasting, strong customer relationships

Former customers already know a lot about you. Website visitor identification software gives you a second chance to wow them — and build a stronger reputation and relationship than ever before.

Use behavioral insight to maximize success

With detailed analytics and on-site behavior at your fingertips, you have the chance to stay a step ahead and reach out before your competitors get the chance.

Looking to re-engage with once-loyal customers?

The best way to find out how Lead Forensics can work for your business is to book a FREE demonstration and trial.

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