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Would you do any Christmas marketing?

With companies slowing down for the Christmas period, it makes sense for you to cut back on marketing to your prospects doesn’t it?

Maybe not!

Not all companies close down for Christmas, so why not take advantage of last minute lead generation and new business opportunities in preparation for 2013.

It’s true that people cut back on the amount of work they do towards the end of December, for example it’s unlikely people will have meetings or be out visiting clients/customers, so there’s a higher chance they’ll be in the office and you’ll catch them at their desk (and they’ll be in a relaxed Christmas mood!) plus you’ll have their full attention to be able to talk to them.

With the perception that businesses slow or close down for the festive period, it’s also the perfect time to get ahead of the competition and take advantage of the lack of ‘white noise’ that would usually weaken your message and hinder your chance of a response. And because less communications are being sent, it’s more likely recipients will take the time to engage and contact you, increasing the conversion rates and end the year on a high.

Marketing at Christmas will also allow you to make an early investment for the coming year. Marketing Sherpa report that the average sales cycle is three months, so start the process early and have some ready-made appointments for the New Year, helping you get those all-important sales in for early 2013.

In additional to generating new business, the Christmas period is a great time to get in touch with your existing client base. Why not send them an email that recaps all of the news and improvements to your products or service from the past year or get your clients in the festive mood by giving them the gift of exclusive money off vouchers, free products or a trial for any additional services.

Marketing activity in December is more about creating and maintaining relationships, not about winning quick sales. Don’t just postpone your lead generation efforts for 2013 because other people in marketing perceive it to be a quiet month, your activity might just hit people at the right time!

IP tracking is a great way to see if clients and prospects are engaging with your activity, even if they don’t get in touch. Contact us at Lead Forensics to find out more about the companies that are engaging in your activity but not making contact.


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