25 Ways Website Visitor Tracking Will Revolutionize Your Business

Website visitor tracking software is an online revolution — supercharging multiple processes for B2B organizations, transforming their websites and helping them achieve the best results.

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When implementing website visitor tracking tools, it is crucial to ensure that whatever you choose slots seamlessly into your wider business strategy and supports your measurable marketing goals.

Start by ensuring you have a robust strategy in place — assess your budget, your objectives and your time frame, then select the best website visitor tracking technology for your organization. Weigh up the pros and cons, and ensure it is the right choice for you. If you are still unsure, we’ve pulled together 25 ways that B2B website visitor tracking software can revolutionize your business.

1. Identify B2B website visitors

Discover which companies are visiting your B2B website, provide your team with the ultimate visitor insight plus contact details of the relevant key decision-makers and keep them a step ahead of your site visitors at all times.

2. Supercharge your lead generation strategy

Generate leads directly through your business website — every visitor landing on your website has ultimately expressed an interest in your brand, product or service. Don’t miss out on the opportunity for effective lead generation!

3. Maximize on demand generation efforts

Get the most from your online marketing and advertising efforts by capturing the leads they drive to your site with a site visit tracker.

4. Gain the advantage of time

Real-time alerts provide the benefit of time. By reaching out to someone who has recently expressed an interest in your business, you could be making their buyer journey significantly easier and speeding up their decision-making process.

5. Get in front of the right people

Getting past the gatekeeper and reaching key decision-makers can be tough for marketers and salespeople. Use your data to contact the right person with the right pitch.

6. Access high-quality, verified data

When it comes to business, the more data you have access to, the better. Establish the insights and metrics that could help turbocharge your organization, and be sure to adopt a tool that provides you with the most accurate and useful data.

7. Gain customer insight

What do your customers have in common?What do they like and what are they not responding well to? Get to know your customers to help you plan future campaigns.​

8. See visitor location

Where are your visitors from? Understanding the geographic location of your potential customers can help you make business decisions, as well as upselling and cross-selling to businesses with multiple locations.

9. Discover your best referrer channels

Marketers spend large quantities of time, budget and resources driving traffic to their websites through various sources. Website tracking can provide insight into what is working well — and what isn’t.

10. Reduce your bounce rate

Use analytics to discover where your site visitors are exiting fast, and use the information to help you design and create content that engages your visitors and reduces your bounce rate.

11. ​Increase average page views per visit

Take a look at your website visitor journey and do what you can to simplify it — ensuring users explore multiple pages and can find what they are looking for simply and intuitively. 

12. Optimize your website

Use your data to optimize your website with your customers in mind — focus on UX, CX, customer journey and conversions for the ultimate results.

​13. Boost conversion rates

Test your website for success, experimenting with elements that will supercharge your conversion rates. Consider calls to action, the language used, and factors like loading speed.

​14. Improve your SEO ranking

By optimizing your website, you’ll reap the rewards of a high SEO ranking. Work your way to the top of the search engine results page and benefit from the Google stamp of approval.

15. Tailor your communications

Knowledge is power — and website tracking software provides you with hordes of information you can utilize to personalize your marketing communications and content effectively.

16. Improve customer experience

Put customer experience at the center of everything you do, using your website visitor insight to fuel decisions about your business, site, and marketing and sales approaches.

17. Personalize your approach

B2B decision-makers are consumers in their personal lives — so a one-size-fits-all approach isn’t the right method. Use data, analytics and insight to personalize every step of their journey with your brand


18. Maximize opportunities

From new business to existing customers, website tracking software helps businesses stay ahead of their visitors, ensuring they get the most out of every opportunity.

19. Align your teams

Website tracking software can help align your teams, so everyone is working towards the same goals, helping prioritize conversions and see results.

20. Nurture and manage leads

Track the progress of your leads, manage and nurture them effectively and never lose sight of a potential customer again.

21. Attribute inquiries

Analytics enable marketers to see where their inquiries have come from, helping to attribute leads to specific teams and channels.

22. Enhance upselling and cross-selling opportunities

Discover when an existing customer lands on your site, gain insight into their visitor journey, and use this information to reach out with the right pitch at the right time.

23. Re-nurture lapsed pipeline

If a potential customer fell off your radar, or never made it to a sale, then identifying when they are visiting your site provides you with a fantastic opportunity to reach out.

24. Speed up processes

`By including marketing technology in your strategy, watch your processes improve and speed up — saving your team valuable time.

25. Integrate seamlessly with CRMs

Select a software that offers multiple integrations, helping you create a successful marketing stack and supporting your processes from start to finish.

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