Partnering with Lead Forensics

Are you a leading full service or digital marketing agency? If your clients need more B2B leads, the Lead Forensics Partner Program could be the extra ingredient you need to fuel performance.

Whether you’re web developers, an agency or a marketing consultant, the Lead Forensics solution combined with your expertise is the formula for lead generation.

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Why work with Lead Forensics?

We’re always keen to partner with leading agencies looking to enhance their solutions with high-caliber opportunities.

Interested? Get in touch with our partnership team to discuss the opportunities available.

What is Lead Forensics and how does it work?

Lead Forensics delivers highly engaged opportunities to sales, marketing and account management teams, seamlessly and in real-time – empowering businesses to grow.

Every business has a range of B2B visitors to their website, each with a different requirement. Lead Forensics enables businesses to automatically sort their B2B website visitors by type, routing the opportunities to the right team. This ensures that B2B website visitors receive the most relevant outreach to their requirements.

Win bigger clients

The Lead Forensics Partner Program provides the tools, training and support to ensure you are identifying and winning more ‘dream’ clients.

Happier clients and bigger opportunities are waiting for you…

Build a dependable revenue stream

Lead Forensics Partners are rewarded through a revenue scheme, enabling you to grow your revenue by bringing added value to your clients.

Without question, the best feature of the software is the accuracy and detail of its reporting and dashboard. Lead Forensics is relatively new to RIVET, but previous experience with the technology gives me confidence in potential business as a direct result of this tool.

Lance Baird, Ringleader at RIVET