B2B customer account management: online intel

You want to be customer-centric, get closer to your B2B clients and increase your share of wallet, but you don’t always have the intel or insight to be truly proactive.

With Lead Forensics you’ll have access to detailed customer engagement insight. Be alerted when your B2B customers re-visit your website, discover what they are looking at, understand where they need more support and uncover opportunities for up-sell and cross-sell.

Our real-time alerts keep your team informed of your customers’ online engagement with your website, use that intel to fuel the success of your B2B account management teams.

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Incredible intel for successful B2B customer account mangement teams

B2B customer account management is complex, often with multiple stakeholders, multi-faceted use cases and and varied reasons to purchase.

Understanding the motivation of your B2B customers can be tricky, often information can be difficult to extract from customers for even the very best B2B customer account management teams.

Lead Forensics reveals the interest areas, intent, challenges and motivations of your B2B customers, without the need for probing customer questions.

Be alerted when one of your customers visits your support pages, or based upon their interaction with your website, seems to be having difficulty with getting the information that they need.

Enable your B2B customer account management team to build up detailed insight, and intuitively know what your customers’ need, when they need it – reaching out with a timely call or email.

With highly relevant and pro-active outreach, watch your customer satisfaction sky rocket.

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B2B Customer Account Management

Increase your share of wallet with up-sell and cross-sell

There’s never a better time to put in a customer call than when you see them actively looking at new products on your website.

Boost your share of wallet by making the up-sell experience seamless for your B2B customers. Know what they are interested in, and have all the information they need ready to hand so that they can make an educated purchasing decision quickly and easily.

Up-selling, when you know what they want, has never been so easy.

Looking to increase your footprint into a B2B customer? A global customer with different divisions? Lead Forensics will alert your team when the word about your services within each specific customer is increasing.

See instantly when a new division, territory or sub-brand of one of your customers visits your website.

Capitalize on every opportunity to increase your footprint into each and every customer, and generate significant cross-sell opportunities from customers that you already have.

The cost of increasing share of wallet versus obtaining new business is substantially lower, use Lead Forensics not just to boost your revenues, but your profits too.

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B2B Customer Account Management

Turn lapsed B2B customers back into revenue

It’s a fact that customers churn.

However, the grass isn’t always greener, and when a lapsed B2B customer is considering your services again, their first destination is almost always to visit your website.

Uncover all the lapsed customers visiting your website, including what they are looking at and how engaged they are. Route that intel to your B2B customer account management team, and win-back their business by showing them just how valued they are.

Without a customer re-engaging, a business stands 20-40% chance of winning a customer back, but once they re-engage the chances of securing that win-back is as much as 80%.

Get real-time insight integrated directly into your CRM and enable your team to capitalize on important win-back revenue streams.

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