Manage your sales pipeline effectively

How to maximize your MQL to SQL conversions for 2021

Even in the most holistic organization, Marketing and Sales teams are famously misaligned. Be it individual targets, contrasting measurement styles, or simply a lack of communication – teams can find themselves at odds. Wires can also get crossed when attempting to transition a Marketing Qualified Lead (MQL) to a Sales Qualified Lead (SQL). Getting this […]

Lead Forensics named in the Top 50 Great Places to Work UK

At Lead Forensics, we have an immense amount of pride in creating a strong company culture. We firmly believe we have created a work environment to encourage individuals to inspire one another, to develop their skills, and to truly shine. A business is made great by those that are part of it, and Lead Forensics […]

Lead Forensics named in the Top 50 Great Places to Work UK

Lead Forensics, the global expert in website visitor identification, is thrilled to be named in Great Place to Work’s top 50 companies for their 2021 report. Great Place to Work assesses and ranks companies on their practices, company culture, and employee satisfaction. Using first-hand data based on employee feedback, Lead Forensics is thrilled to be […]

The truth about digital advertising and b2b lead generation.

The truth about digital advertising and b2b lead generation. Digital advertising is changing. Discover why vanity metrics are harming your results, how changes to third-party cookies will impact your strategy, and why embracing website visitor identification technology can transform your business. Download the truth about digital advertising and B2B lead generation today. Download Here Complete […]

How to revolutionize your lead generation

In the wise words of Ellie Pidot, strategy is simply another word for a plan. We all have goals, and the plans we put in place are how we aim to reach them. When it comes to marketing and lead generation, goals should be attached to carefully outlined, realistic and achievable SMART objectives. The methods […]

Agility, relatability and personalization: a recipe for marketing success in Q2

Over the past 12 months, laptops, iPads and smartphone screens have become a window into the homes, lives and realities of those around us. From your favorite influencers to colleagues and friends, communicating solely via social platforms, apps and technology has become the norm. While the Covid-19 pandemic has left many feeling physically further away […]

What the Phasing-out of Third-Party Cookies Means For B2B

With only a year to go until Google starts phasing-out third-party cookies, B2B marketers need to assess how to restructure their digital marketing efforts to yield the best results. The move away from third-party cookies is said to help ensure ads are relevant and minimize the data shared with websites — but the specifics are […]

G2 names Lead Forensics as leaders in Marketing Account Intelligence

Lead Forensics is thrilled to be named a leader in G2’s Spring 2021 Quarterly Reports based on high customer satisfaction scores. G2, the world’s largest tech marketplace, enables users to write authentic reviews of software products and professional services. Lead Forensics has been celebrated as a leader in the following categories: Marketing Account Intelligence – […]

‘The secrets of B2B sales and marketing innovators’: the highlights

Lead Forensics hosted a webinar on the 25 March, featuring a panel of expert minds to unveil the secrets of B2B sales and marketing innovators. As the B2B sector and our relationship with technology continues to evolve at rapid pace, it’s vital that businesses do not stagnate — and continue to grow and transform digitally. […]

How to revolutionize your lead generation

How to revolutionize your lead generation This educational guide will cover: – What is a lead generation strategy? Learn the power of SMART marketing; outline your lead generation objectives and highlight barriers your organization may face. The ultimate intro to strategizing your lead gen process. – How to generate leads: the lead generation methods Discover […]