B2B sales: rocket fuel for your results

Maximize your B2B sales results with Lead Forensics.

Discover high intent business leads that you never knew you had, get real-time alerts when one of your pipeline businesses visit your website and uncover a world of B2B prospect intel to help you close more deals, faster than ever before.

Lead Forensics reveals the business identity of your anonymous website traffic and turns them into actionable sales leads in real-time.

Instantly access the business contact information of new leads, get detailed insight into what your prospects have been looking at, and receive instantaneous alerts to capitalize on B2B sales opportunities.

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New Prospect Card

B2B sales: win more new business than ever before

Fuel your B2B sales team with high intent prospects, opportunities that are proven to convert at over five times that of traditional sales outreach or cold calling.

Your sales team will receive the corporate contact information of your B2B website visitors, so that they can build a highly compelling and relevant pitch, unique to every prospect.

Give an exceptional first impression to every prospect, every time. Your B2B sales team will have the ultimate competitive edge with more insight than they’ve ever had before, enabling them to orchestrate deals for maximum revenue impact, and accelerate close rates beyond all business expectations.

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Achieve maximum B2B sales pipeline impact

71% of inbound inquiries are typically left to go cold. If those businesses are back visiting your website, it’s a clear buying signal that they are back in the market and ready-to-buy.

Be alerted in real-time when one of your pipeline is back in the market, and actively looking at your website. Achieve turbo-charged pipeline impact and drive up your opportunity-to-sale rates by re-engaging at the right time with compelling insights driven B2B sales outreach.

Accelerate your deal value and volume by intuitively knowing which of your pipeline opportunities are ready to close and which need your attention to help get them over the line.

Turn your B2B sales team into a well-oiled machine. On average only 35% of sales time is actively spent on selling. All that changes with Lead Forensics. Have sales-ready leads delivered directly to your team, and enable them to focus on the opportunities that are likely to close first and drive the most revenue.

Secure more sales and drive more revenue with Lead Forensics.

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B2B Sales Alert Diagram

Instant alerts, wherever your B2B sales team are

We work where your team works.

With advanced integration capabilities, Lead Forensics delivers B2B website visitor insight exactly where you need it, directly into the rhythm of your B2B sales team.

Receive new lead alerts in real-time, delivered directly into the channels that work for you. Whether that’s an email, Slack message, or into your CRM, we make it easy for you to make contact with that ready-to-buy prospect at exactly the right time.

With our CRM integrations, Lead Forensics can alert you when key engagement criteria are met. Have your team prioritize their outreach based on the level of intent and likelihood of an imminent deal or up-sell, for ultimate B2B sales efficiency and effectiveness.

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Win back previously lapsed customers, with the ultimate in B2B sales

Lead Forensics creates the ultimate sales efficiency engine, assisting B2B sales teams to maximize their pipeline impact with every type of prospect.

New business, current pipeline, dormant pipeline, customer up-sell and lapsed customers.

Implement personalized win-back strategies by identifying lapsed business customers browsing your website, and achieve significant business revenues.

Winning back lapsed customers holds significant business value. Statistically, businesses have a 20-40% chance of winning back a lapsed customer, however, if that lapsed customer is re-engaging with your website the chances of securing that win-back jump to 80%.

Use Lead Forensics to remind your lapsed customers just how great you are and how much you value their business by pro-actively re-engaging.

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Alert Key Account Card

Roll out the B2B sales 'red carpet' for your ICP audiences

Selling to the right businesses is everything in B2B sales, that’s why you’ll want to give your ICP audiences the VIP treatment.

If you have an ICP target list, upload that list into Lead Forensics and receive instant alerts when those businesses visit your website.

If your B2B sales team is segmented by any sort of firmographics from geography to employee count and from industry to turnover, Lead Forensics can segment your B2B website visitors according to those firmographics giving you overarching statistics into the traction from each of those markets, as well as a detailed breakdown of the businesses that have visited your website from each market segment.

Fuel your B2B sales team with their prospects for the month based upon the organizations that have visited your website from their specialist segmentation and watch your close rates accelerate, and your revenues take off.

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