B2B marketing: website visitor intel

Lead Forensics is the essential software in B2B marketing, enabling you to capture more of the demand that you’ve created, giving you better ROI and driving up your business revenues.

Not only that, but benefit from having access to your website visitors’ business contact information so that you can curate compelling follow up communications. Fuel your marketing automation campaigns with high intent first party data that converts, and uplift your marketing results.

Power your B2B marketing campaigns with engaged, ready to buy prospects and see results like you’ve never seen before.

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Your own source of ‘first party' B2B marketing data

It’s a fact that not every company visiting your B2B website will be ready to fill out your contact form (only 2% in fact), but they will be looking around your website, checking our your services, perhaps comparing what you do to your competitors, and making a judgement as to whether to buy from you.

Lead Forensics gives you visibility of not only those who fill out a form, but also of the other businesses who don’t (the 98%). Businesses who are actively engaging with your website, building a picture of whether to do business with you or not. Without visibility to those, you are blind to the opportunities available to you, you are letting valuable potential business walk out of the door.

Open your eyes with Lead Forensics. Have full sight of the opportunities available to you, get their business contact information and start driving your revenues.

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Personalization for previously anonymous B2B prospects

Turbo-charge your marketing campaigns with high intent ‘first party’ data.

With Lead Forensics you’ll know everything you need to know to craft highly compelling, personalized marketing campaigns.

Automate the whole process into your marketing automation systems with our advanced integrations, creating seamless campaigns with an endless stream of new business contacts prime for conversion.

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Boost the ROI of your Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns

It’s a fact that PPC is expensive. If you are running any sort of PPC or paid advertising campaigns, you’ll be looking for every way to boost your results.

Standard analytics provides you with information on the numbers. Lead Forensics gives you business names and contact information.

You no longer need to rely on landing page form fills to know who has clicked on your PPC advert, with Lead Forensics you can see which businesses have visited your landing page or website as a result of your PPC or paid advertising activity. You can get their business contact details, and put together a follow up workflow to maximize your returns.

By having access to your own ‘first party intent’ data, you’ll be able to instantly reach out directly to prospects you would have missed. If you’re spending significant amounts on PPC and need to improve your ROI, Lead Forensics is the perfect technology partner for you.

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Hyper-personalized B2B marketing ABM at scale

If you’re running Account Based Marketing (ABM) campaigns, our B2B website visitor identification software will give you the full picture of how engaged your ABM prospects are, and how much impact your campaigns are having.

Lead Forensics identifies when your ABM target accounts visit your website and then automatically routes the relevant intel to your CRM or MA system. You can have daily, weekly or monthly reports sent directly to your mailbox letting you know how much traction you are gaining from those prime audiences specifically.

Your sales and marketing teams can also benefit from real-time alerts, so that you know immediately when once of your high value target prospect businesses visits your website. There’ll never be a better moment to put in a perfectly timed call.

Plus, if your business submits RFP or tenders, Lead Forensics can show you when the interested party is taking a look at your website for more information.

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Nurturing B2B marketing prospects

If you want to grow your database of warm business leads to nurture until they’re ready to buy, our software can identify a steady pipeline of B2B opportunities from your website traffic, an immediate ‘thank you for visiting’ email has proven to have high conversion rates, with subsequent nurture communications further elevating those conversions.

How you access that business information is entirely your choice. You can download your business visitors into a report at a frequency that works for you, alternatively we can integrate with your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system or Marketing Automation (MA) system to automatically route your business visitor intel into your existing workflows.

When you use our ‘Automate’ plan, our intelligent automation enables us to determine if the prospect’s details are currently in your CRM or MA system and can append additional information including firmographic and business contact details – or we can create entirely new records, for any net new opportunities.

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