Sales Productivity and how to maximize it in 2024

Sales Productivity and how to maximize it in 2022

The B2B sales arena isn’t so straightforward anymore, it’s changed — a lot. Over time, multi-channel marketing strategies have increased the number of digital touchpoints in a buyer’s journey, causing sales funnels to become complicated. For Sales Development Representatives (SDRs), there are also other competing tasks that distract from the activities that directly generate revenue. In fact, research shows that only 33% of sales rep’s time is spent actively selling. So, what can you do to improve the productivity of your sales team? Let’s break it down…

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B2B buying behaviors – how does it affect sales?

Prospects are conducting more research than ever before when making a purchase and with the increased number of digital touchpoints, the B2B buying journey has started to resemble the branching paths of a B2C journey, making sales productivity trickier. However, during the consideration phase when a B2B buyer is evaluating the options on the market, as many as 60% still want to connect with a sales representative.

When assessing your sales enablement strategy, align your sales strategies with your buyer’s journey to help capture your prospects at the best time. Real-time communications can increase conversion rates by 26%, therefore making contact with a prospect when they are considering your product or have engaged with your website can move a potential customer closer to a sale. However, to improve sales productivity successfully, utilizing the correct analytics tools is essential.

Automation of sales productivity

Administration processes are one of the most time-consuming things for an SDR. Prospecting and researching leads, and the manual tasks surrounding this data, take up a significant amount of time. Sales automation tools are highly effective in automating these processes – drastically cutting down the time needed to facilitate them and increasing sales productivity.

In 2020, over 60% of companies harnessing automation exceeded their revenue targets. That’s because automation also benefits the quality of data and assists in generating high-quality SQLs for your sales team to convert.
Lastly, by integrating automation tools into your MQL-to-SQL processes, you can ensure an excellent standard of consistency – removing the human error of inputting lead data and allowing near-instant transferral of SQLs with the right CRM integrations.

Utilize website visitor identification to increase sales productivity

Automation has proven to improve the productivity of sales teams by 14.5% and reduce marketing overhead costs by 12.2%. High-performing website visitor identification software, such as Lead Forensics, is an excellent tool to utilize to increase sales productivity for your sales team.
By leveraging website visitor identification software, you can provide your team total visibility on:

  • The organizations viewing your site with the contact information of key stakeholders completely remove the lengthy process of identifying leads
  • How many times a prospect has visited alongside which pages they have viewed and the time spent on each page
  • The search terms of your prospects, where they have come from, and insights on their engagement with your site. This way, your SDRs can optimize the prioritization of leads to focus on those who are closer to closing

Real-time alerts on these key metrics provide an invaluable insight into your prospects’ engagement. With this, your sales team can make data-informed decisions to enhance their sales approaches. Not only can this boost their effectiveness, but by leveraging automation technology, your team will have more time than ever to pursue the opportunities that really matter.

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