ChatGPT vs. Google’s Gemini – Which one is better for sales?

Chat GPT vs. Google's Gemini - image of robot

ChatGPT vs. Gemini are battling for your attention. But who wins the sales pitch? 80% of sales pros use AI-powered scripts and data analysis, but mastering these tools can be tricky.

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Don’t sweat it! This blog unlocks the secrets:

  • Powerful prompts to tailor your sales process for maximum impact.
  • Head-to-head comparison of how these chatbots can transform your sales approach.

1. Sales Prospecting Prompts:

Initial Outreach

Prompt example:

“You are a Sales Representative. Today, your task is to draft a cold calling script for Lead Forensics. You are targeting a Marketing Manager in the manufacturing industry.”

ChatGPT’s Response:

  • Strengths: Generic and adaptable, friendly introduction.
  • Weaknesses: Lacks a strong hook, value proposition unclear, no proof of results, generic call to action.

Gemini’s Response:

  • Strengths: Industry-specific hook relatable to manufacturing, clear value proposition with specific benefits, showcases success with quantifiable results, compelling call to action tied to potential benefits.
  • Weaknesses: Less adaptable to wider audience, slightly longer introduction.

While ChatGPT offers adaptability, Gemini’s clear problem-solution approach, specific benefits, success story, and tailored call to action make it the stronger script. However, testing both with your target audience is crucial for optimal results.



2. Sales Objection Handling:

Objection Handling Scripts

Prompt example:

“You are a Sales Representative. Today, your task is to draft scripts to address common sales objections for Lead Forensics. Your current focus is engaging with a Marketing Manager at a manufacturing company.”

ChatGPT’s Response:

  • Strengths: Builds trust, addresses concerns, offers transparency, and a trial.
  • Weaknesses: However, technical jargon and feature-focused language weaken the impact.

Gemini’s Response:

  • Strengths: Concise data explanation, trial offer, and commitment to accuracy.
  • Weaknesses: It skips directly addressing the objection and lacks a captivating call to action.

Overall, the ChatGPT script is more comprehensive and persuasive than the Gemini script. It acknowledges the prospect’s concern, explains how the platform ensures data accuracy, offers transparency, and includes a call to action. However, the Gemini script is more concise and may be more appropriate for some situations.


3. Sales Communication:

Closing Techniques

Prompt example:

“As a Sales Representative, could you please provide bullet points outlining some closing techniques for a potential deal involving Lead Forensics?”

ChatGPT’s Response:

  • Strengths: Structured, benefits-focused, multiple closing techniques.
  • Weaknesses: Generic, manipulative, weak on objections.

Gemini’s Response:

  • Strengths: Objection-centric, value-driven, multiple closing options.
  • Weaknesses: Less structured, no closing phrases, light on social proof.

ChatGPT provides a structured sales approach with pre-built closings focused on highlighting benefits but lacks customization. In contrast, Gemini prioritizes trust-building by addressing concerns, highlighting value, and adapting to each customer, though it lacks pre-built closings, favoring improvisation. The choice between the two depends on personal preferences, sales style, and customer needs.


The winner is…

ChatGPT and Gemini duel for your AI sales glory, but the true champion stands outside the ring: you.

This blog equips you to decide on the best fit depending on:

  • Your sales style: Do you prefer a structured approach or adaptability?
  • Your audience: Are they industry-specific or require specific objection handling?
  • Your preferences:Do you value ease of use or customization options?

Remember, AI enhances, it doesn’t replace. Experiment, personalize, and choose the tool that empowers your unique sales style and resonates with your audience. Let your human touch be the real differentiator – that’s where the closing magic happens!

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