Driving Sales Gains: Unleash Your Sales Motivation

Driving Sales Gains: Unleash Your Motivation

Sales is a challenging field, but it's also one of the most rewarding. Achieving sales goals and targets can be exhilarating, and it's a great feeling to see your hard work pay off. However, sales can also be frustrating, and it's not uncommon for salespeople to experience periods of low motivation.

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Motivation is a crucial factor in sales success. It drives us to keep going, even when things get tough. In this blog post, we’ll explore the importance of sales motivation and share tips for unleashing your motivation to drive sales gains.

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Understanding motivation in sales

Motivation in sales can be defined as the internal or external factors that drive a salesperson to perform at their best. These factors can include things like financial incentives, recognition, competition, and personal fulfillment.

“You need to recognize that success breeds confidence, and confidence breeds success. Pat yourself on the back for any sale, no matter how small the sale is. Don’t be looking at other people and looking at what they’re doing. You need to be your own competition – there’s a reason that racehorses wear blinkers. They don’t care about the competition. You need to run your own race.”
Brad Burton, founder of Four Networking in our webinar “Driving Sales Gains: Unleash Your Motivation”

Sales motivation is important because it drives performance. When salespeople are motivated, they are more likely to put in the effort required to achieve their goals. They are also more likely to stay engaged and focused, even during challenging times.

There are two primary types of motivation in sales: intrinsic and extrinsic. Intrinsic motivation comes from within, such as personal fulfillment or a desire to improve. Extrinsic motivation comes from external factors, such as financial incentives or recognition.


Key factors that impact motivation in sales

There are several factors that can impact motivation in sales. Here are three key factors to consider:

Goal setting: Setting clear, specific, and achievable goals is essential for maintaining motivation in sales. When goals are well-defined, salespeople know what they need to do to be successful, and they can track their progress along the way.

Sales coaching: Effective sales coaching can be a powerful motivator. Sales coaches can provide guidance, support, and feedback that can help salespeople stay on track and improve their performance.

Performance feedback: Regular feedback on performance can help salespeople stay motivated by giving them a sense of progress and achievement. Sales managers should provide both positive feedback for accomplishments and constructive feedback for areas that need improvement.


Tips for unleashing your motivation in B2B sales

As a B2B salesperson, staying motivated can be a challenge. However, by following these tips, you can maintain a positive outlook, stay focused on your goals, and continue to achieve success.

“If you have a sales team of 49 negative people and you’re gonna put one positive person in there, guess what? You’ve now got 50 negative people.”
Brad Burton, founder of Four Networking in our webinar “Driving Sales Gains: Unleash Your Motivation”

Now that we’ve covered some of the key factors that impact motivation in sales, here are some tips for unleashing your motivation to drive sales gains:


Focus on your goals

One of the most important ways to stay motivated as a B2B salesperson is to set clear, specific, and achievable goals for yourself.

Make sure your goals are challenging but also realistic. Write them down, and keep them in a visible place so that you can remind yourself of them regularly. Tracking your progress towards these goals will also help you stay motivated.

Focusing on your goals is essential to keeping up sales motivation. Setting goals helps you define what you want to achieve and gives you a roadmap to get there. Here are some things to bear in mind when setting and achieving your goals:

Set clear and specific goals: Your goals should be specific and measurable so that you can track your progress. For example, instead of setting a goal to “increase sales,” set a goal to “increase sales by 10% in Q2.”

Make your goals challenging but achievable: Your goals should be challenging enough to push you out of your comfort zone, but not so challenging that they are impossible to achieve. Setting achievable goals can help you build momentum and confidence as you work towards them.

Write down your goals: Writing down your goals helps to solidify them in your mind and makes them more real. Keep your goals in a visible place, such as on a whiteboard or in a planner, so that you can see them regularly and remind yourself of what you’re working towards.

Track your progress: Tracking your progress towards your goals can help you stay motivated and focused. Set milestones along the way and celebrate your successes as you achieve them. If you find that you’re not making progress towards your goals, reassess your strategy and make adjustments as needed.

Revisit and revise your goals regularly: As your business or market changes, your goals may need to change as well. Revisit your goals regularly, and revise them as needed to ensure that they remain relevant and achievable.


Find your “why?”

Reflecting on why you’re in sales and what drives you can help you stay focused and engaged. Take some time to identify your personal motivations, such as the desire to help customers solve their problems or the satisfaction of closing a deal.

“We kind of forget that when we’re in pursuit of the numbers and targets, that behind every number, behind every conversation is a human being, and I think some of the best sales leaders are people that recognize that.”
Brad Burton, founder of Four Networking in our webinar “Driving Sales Gains: Unleash Your Motivation”

Reminding yourself of your “why” regularly can help you stay motivated, even during challenging times.

Here are some tips for identifying your personal motivations:

Identify what you enjoy about sales: Take some time to reflect on what you enjoy about sales. Do you enjoy building relationships with customers, solving problems, or closing deals? Understanding what you enjoy about sales can help you identify your personal motivations.

Consider your values: What values are important to you? Do you value honesty, integrity, or teamwork? Understanding your values can help you align your work with your personal beliefs and stay motivated.

Think about the impact you want to make: What impact do you want to make in your work? Do you want to help customers achieve their goals or make a positive impact on the world? Understanding the impact you want to make can help you stay motivated and focused on your goals.

Identify your strengths: What are your strengths as a salesperson? Do you excel at building relationships, problem-solving, or closing deals? Understanding your strengths can help you focus on what you’re good at and stay motivated to improve.

Reflect on your past successes: Think about times when you’ve been successful in sales. What did you do well, and how did it feel to achieve your goals? Reflecting on your past successes can help you identify what motivates you and stay focused on achieving future successes.


Stay positive

Maintaining a positive outlook is crucial for staying motivated in sales. Focus on the positive aspects of your work, such as the relationships you’re building with customers or the impact you’re making on their business.

“Positivity won’t solve all your problems, but a negative mindset will give you more. So it’s so important that you give yourself positive affirmations. Even if your sale’s only small, pat yourself on the back. Never let anything that you do that is positive go away..”
Brad Burton, founder of Four Networking in our webinar “Driving Sales Gains: Unleash Your Motivation”

Surround yourself with positive influences, such as supportive colleagues and mentors, and avoid negative influences that can bring you down.

Here are some tips for staying positive:

Focus on the positive: Instead of dwelling on negative aspects of your work, focus on the positive. For example, think about the relationships you’re building with customers, the solutions you’re providing, or the impact you’re making on their business. Shifting your mindset to focus on the positive can help you stay motivated and engaged.

Surround yourself with positive influences: Surround yourself with colleagues and mentors who are positive and supportive. Seek out people who lift you up and help you stay motivated, and avoid negative influences that can bring you down.

Celebrate your successes: Celebrating your successes, no matter how small, can help you stay positive and motivated. Take time to acknowledge your accomplishments, and reflect on what you did well to achieve them.

Practice gratitude: Practicing gratitude can help you maintain a positive outlook. Take time each day to reflect on what you’re grateful for, whether it’s a successful sales call, a supportive colleague, or a beautiful day.

Stay resilient: Resilience is essential for maintaining a positive outlook in sales. Understand that rejection is a part of the job and that it’s not a reflection of your worth. Learn from setbacks and use them as opportunities to grow and improve.


Seek feedback

Asking for feedback on your performance regularly can help you identify areas for improvement and celebrate your successes. Positive feedback can be motivating, while constructive criticism can help you grow and develop your skills.

Be open to feedback, and use it to make adjustments that can help you achieve your goals. Here’s why:

Feedback helps you identify areas for improvement: Asking for feedback can help you identify areas where you may need to improve your skills or strategies. Constructive criticism can be a powerful tool for growth and development.

Positive feedback can be motivating: Positive feedback can provide a boost of sales motivation and confidence. Knowing that you’re doing something right can help you stay focused and engaged.

Feedback helps you celebrate your successes: Celebrating your successes is important for staying motivated, and feedback can help you identify the successes that you may not have recognized on your own. Knowing that you’re making progress toward your goals can help you stay motivated and engaged.

Feedback promotes learning: Feedback can help you learn and develop your skills. Be open to feedback, even if it’s constructive criticism, and use it as an opportunity to improve your performance.

To get the most out of feedback, it’s important to be open and receptive. Listen actively to what the other person is saying, and take the feedback seriously. Don’t be defensive or dismissive, even if the feedback is negative. Instead, use it as an opportunity to grow and learn.


Keep learning

Investing in your professional development by seeking out new learning opportunities can keep you motivated and competitive. Attend training programs or conferences, read industry publications, and network with other sales professionals.

Keeping your skills and knowledge up-to-date will help you feel more confident and motivated in your work. Here are some tips for staying motivated through learning:

Attend training programs or conferences: Look for training programs or conferences in your industry that can help you learn new skills, gain industry knowledge, and network with other professionals. Not only will this help you stay motivated, but it will also provide you with new ideas and strategies to apply to your sales approach.

Read industry publications: Stay informed about the latest trends, news, and insights in your industry by reading industry publications, blogs, and newsletters. This will keep you up-to-date with the latest best practices and help you identify new opportunities for growth.

Network with other sales professionals: Networking with other sales professionals can help you learn from their experiences and build valuable connections. Attend industry events or join online communities to connect with other professionals in your field.

Take courses or certifications: Consider taking courses or certifications to deepen your knowledge and skills in specific areas. This will not only help you stay motivated but also enhance your credibility and expertise as a salesperson.

Apply what you learn: To truly stay motivated, it’s important to apply what you learn. Try new sales techniques, experiment with new approaches, and apply the knowledge you gain in your day-to-day work. This will help you stay engaged and motivated while also driving better results.

By investing in your professional development and continuing education, you can stay motivated and competitive in B2B sales. Not only will you gain new skills and knowledge, but you’ll also feel more confident and engaged in your work.


Motivation is a critical factor in B2B sales success. By understanding what drives us and taking steps to unleash our sales motivation, we can achieve our sales goals and drive sales gains. Keep these tips in mind as you work towards success in your sales career. Make sure to check out Brad Burton for more sales motivation!

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