A tech stack that works for your organization

A tech stack that works for your organization

For many, the COVID-19 pandemic sparked a rapid digital transformation, accelerating the adoption of digital technologies by several years, and highlighting the essential nature of technology that keeps organizations on top of evolving consumer behaviors. Utilizing the best digital technology and being aware of the options available is pivotal in your company’s success – so let’s explore the essential pieces of a successful tech stack.

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What is a tech stack?

A ‘tech stack’ is the term used to describe the list of software, apps, and hardware that an individual team or company uses to perform business functions. This can include anything from your email provider to your payroll system.

With so many moving parts and options for different company sizes, industries, and more – it can be overwhelming to select the tools that can help your business long-term. So, where should you start when creating or updating your tech stack?

  • Pinpoint areas of opportunity
    Identify the opportunities for automation within your process as it stands right now – are there any bottlenecks that are giving you headaches?
  • Audit the tech that you are already leveraging
    Think about the technology currently at your disposal. Within each item or platform, consider why you invested in it and what it’s currently being used for.
  • Define your current and future needs — looking for scalable feature
    It’s easy to think about what you need now, but be sure to ruminate on tomorrow’s requirements. Keep things scalable wherever possible.
  • Research and test tech – don’t rush into it
    Do as much research as possible before investing in any additional tech, and add things to your stack slowly. Get used to one item before adding the next!
  • Focus on seamlessness integration
    Think about how new tech plays with the technologies around it – remember, it’s not just you getting used to new additions, your existing platforms need to work with it, too.
  • Consider the upkeep
    You will need to carefully consider the pricing arrangements for the tech you decide to invest in and the long-term costs of keeping your system up to date.

What a company needs to consider in building a stack

Companies should consider their stack size in correlation to the scale of their operations. Nobody likes paying for services they don’t require immediately, but ensuring you don’t get stuck in a contract you cannot scale alongside company growth limits things considerably.

Conversely, large organizations should take care not to overlook localized efforts. Where enterprise operations span multiple locations and teams, individual teams may find value in solutions for their campaigns. Remember, tech doesn’t have to be used company-wide for it to be worth the investment.

Ultimately, what makes it into your tech stack is up to you – so be sure you’re comfortable when mapping out what you bring into your organization, and make sure you invest in technology that helps your team achieve their goals!

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