Digital Marketing Hacks for 2024

Digital marketing hacks for 2023

B2B digital marketing can be challenging because the sales cycle is longer, the decision-making process is more complex, and the target audience is more specific. However, by utilizing certain digital marketing hacks and tips, businesses can reach and engage their target audience more effectively.

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Want to get more practical tips on stepping up your marketing in 2023? Watch our webinar with PandaDoc’s Travis Tyler all about Digital Marketing Hacks for 2023


Utilize LinkedIn as a powerful B2B marketing tool

LinkedIn is the go-to social network for professionals, and it’s a great platform for reaching out to potential clients and building relationships. Consider creating a company page, publishing relevant content, and using LinkedIn’s targeting options to reach specific demographics.

Don’t just rely on your company page to spread your message on Linkedin – encourage employees to become ambassadors for the brand. By leveraging the personal networks and relationships of your employees, you can expand your reach and connect with potential customers and partners who may not have been exposed to your company otherwise.

PandaDoc’s Travis Tyler describes in our recent webinar how he’s setting up an internal influencer scheme – “We have over 800 employees at PandaDoc, and I have a lot of talented people at my company, and we’re trying to create internal volunteer influencers so that it’s not just always my face on every single video coming out of PandaDoc. My prediction is this is going to impact the B2B space so much more this year. You’re gonna see plenty more people becoming evangelists for their companies.”

Encouraging employees to be active on LinkedIn can help to humanize your brand and make it more relatable. Employees can share content, participate in conversations, and engage with others in their professional networks, which can help to build trust and credibility for your company.

Additionally, employees can also share their own stories and experiences, which can help to build a personal connection with potential customers. Employees can also act as a point of contact for potential customers and partners, which can help to build deeper relationships and ultimately lead to increased sales and revenue.

When encouraging employees to be ambassadors for your brand, it’s important to set clear guidelines and provide training to ensure that employees are aware of your company’s messaging and values. It’s also important to provide employees with the tools and resources they need to be successful, such as access to company content and a social media policy.

Overall, by leveraging the personal networks and relationships of your employees, you can expand your reach and connect with potential customers and partners on LinkedIn. This digital marketing hack can help to build trust and credibility for your company and ultimately lead to increased sales and revenue.


Create valuable, engaging content

As a B2B marketer, it’s essential to provide valuable information that your target audience will find useful. This can include blog content, case studies, and webinars. Providing informative content can help to establish your company as an industry leader and build trust with your target audience.

Travis’ number one digital marketing hack on creating engaging B2B content? “I think one of the biggest tips I have is to look outside of business. If you are a business and you want to engage and entertain people, I think you need to step outside of the business world and get some inspiration from other sources.”

Blog content can provide in-depth information on a particular industry topic or trend, and can be a great way to establish your company as an expert in the field. Case studies can showcase the specific ways in which your product or service has helped other businesses to solve a problem or achieve a goal. Webinars can provide an interactive way to share information and engage with the target audience in real-time.

Providing informative content can help to establish your company as an industry leader in the minds of your target audience. It can also help to build trust with your target audience by demonstrating your company’s knowledge and expertise in the field. This can lead to increased engagement and ultimately result in more sales and revenue.


Find your niche

In B2B content marketing, it is important to create content that is relevant and valuable to the target audience. Rather than creating content for content’s sake, it’s essential to find something that hasn’t been done yet, or something that you would like to see in the market and create that. This approach can help to differentiate your company from the competition and make your content stand out in a crowded marketplace.

“Try to find some sort of differentiation where you can confidently say to yourself and your team, ‘there is nowhere else anyone can go for this specific type of content. We are the ones that can do that in a way that nobody else is quite doing that’.”

Creating unique and innovative content can help to attract and engage your target audience. This digital marketing hack can also help to establish your company as a thought leader in the industry. By addressing topics or trends that haven’t been covered by others, you can position your company as an expert and authority on the subject matter.

Additionally, creating content that addresses unmet needs or pain points of your target audience can help to establish your company as a solution provider. This approach can help to build trust and credibility with your target audience and ultimately lead to increased sales and revenue.

It’s also important to note that doing a thorough research on the market and your target audience is crucial for this approach, as it will help you identify gaps in the market and tailor your content accordingly.


Utilize account-based marketing (ABM)

Account-Based Marketing (ABM) is a strategy that focuses on targeting specific accounts, rather than broader demographics. Unlike traditional marketing, which aims to reach a large, undefined group of people, ABM is all about identifying and targeting specific companies and individuals that are most likely to convert into paying customers. By tailoring your marketing efforts to specific accounts, you can be more effective at reaching your target audience and closing deals.

ABM is a highly targeted approach that allows you to personalize your marketing efforts to the needs and pain points of specific accounts. This can include creating custom content, messaging, and offers that are tailored to the specific account.

To implement ABM, you need to identify the key accounts that are most important to your business and gather information about these accounts. This can include information about the company’s size, industry, location, and key decision-makers. With this information, you can create a targeted campaign that speaks directly to the needs and pain points of that specific account.

ABM is a great strategy for B2B businesses because it allows them to focus their resources on the accounts that are most likely to convert into paying customers. It also allows for a more efficient use of marketing budget and resources, and can provide a higher return on investment.

ABM is not just a one-time campaign, but a holistic approach to customer acquisition and retention. By aligning sales and marketing efforts, ABM can create a seamless experience for the customer and provide a clear path to purchase.

Overall, ABM is a highly targeted and effective marketing strategy that can help B2B businesses reach their target audience and close deals more effectively. By tailoring your marketing efforts to specific accounts, you can create a more personalized and effective marketing experience.


Create a content calendar

Having a content calendar in place is an essential part of a successful B2B content marketing strategy. It can help you to stay organized and ensure that you are consistently creating and publishing new content. By planning out your content in advance, you can ensure that you have a mix of different types of content, such as blog posts, videos, webinars, and infographics, that will appeal to your target audience.

A content calendar can help you to stay on track and make sure that you are meeting your content goals. It can also help you to keep track of deadlines and ensure that you are publishing content on a regular basis. This can help to keep your target audience engaged and maintain a consistent presence online.

While a content calendar is an important tool to help you stay organized and on schedule, it’s important to leave room for creativity and allow yourself the freedom to go off script and try new, out-of-the-box ideas. This can help you to stay fresh and relevant, and can also lead to new opportunities and growth for your business.

Travis shares how he balances creativity with a demanding schedule: “If you want to create really nuanced content, sometimes blocking out the time to do it, it just doesn’t come to you. Try to hammer out your processes, but leave some room for flexibility and some creativity.”

It’s also important to be flexible and agile with your content calendar, allowing it to adapt to changes in the market, audience interest, and company focus. This way you can create unique and timely content that resonates with your audience and achieve your business objectives.


Create a community

Creating a customer community for B2B businesses can be a valuable way to engage with and understand the needs of your target audience. A customer community is a group of customers who are actively engaged with your company, and who are willing to share their thoughts and feedback on your products or services.

“If you have a group of existing customers, that’s your community and that is where you should invest in the community, create content for them, make them laugh, entertain them, educate them, communicate with them, make them feel special and welcomed.”

There are a number of ways to create a customer community for B2B businesses, including social media groups, online forums, and customer advisory boards. Social media groups can be a great way to connect with customers in a casual and informal setting, while online forums can provide a more structured environment for discussion and feedback. Customer advisory boards can be a more formal way to gather feedback and insights from a select group of customers.

Creating a customer community can be a valuable tool for B2B businesses, as it can help to gather valuable insights and feedback from customers. This can help to identify areas for improvement and inform product development. Additionally, a customer community can be a great way to build relationships with customers and establish trust and loyalty.

Having a customer community can also provide a space for customers to share their experiences with other customers, which can be a powerful marketing tool for your B2B business. It also can be used for customer retention, providing a platform for customers to ask questions, troubleshoot and receive support from your company and other customers.

It’s important to note that creating and maintaining a customer community takes effort and resources, but the benefits can be significant for B2B businesses looking to build deeper relationships with their customers and gain a competitive advantage.


Digital marketing is constantly evolving and there are always new hacks and techniques to learn. By staying on top of the latest trends and experimenting with new digital marketing hacks and strategies, you can stay ahead of the competition and drive more results for your business. From leveraging social media to utilizing account-based marketing, the opportunities for growth are endless. Remember that testing and measuring is key to success. Not every digital marketing hack will work for every business, but by trying out different tactics and analyzing the results, you can find the perfect digital marketing mix for your business.

For more tips, check out our webinar on Digital Marketing Hacks for 2023


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