How to Deliver An Exceptional Customer Experience for your B2B Customers

For businesses looking to deliver exceptional customer experience (CX) and customer retention, Lead Forensics is business critical.

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We all know that our best prospects are our existing clients; so, we need to ensure we’re building a customer obsessed culture. After all, customers stay loyal to companies based on the experience they receive, according to SuperOffice. Whether they’re on your website looking for help and advice, exploring other available products and services, or simply looking for a contact detail…

Lead Forensics alerts you of the visit in real-time, enabling you to deliver instant, relevant and unbeatable customer experience.

Lead Forensics is best known for its intelligent lead generation capabilities — but that’s just one of the website visitor identification software’s many benefits. With innovative reverse IP tracking technology running seamlessly on your site, you’ll gain full visibility of each and every visitor — including those you already work with. The easy-set-up technology is added to your site and subsequently identifies every visitor that lands, including your existing customers, matches them to the world’s largest proprietary database to reveal their identity, and tracks their on-site behavior ready for seamless CX.

The relevant account manager is alerted in real-time with a detailed summary of the customer’s visitor journey, empowering them to reach out instantly with a personalized approach and a clearer understanding of the client’s wants and needs. Improve customer experience and satisfaction; identify clients that are unhappy or struggling, and maximize upselling and cross-selling potential — remember, Forrester found that businesses leading in CX outperform laggards by almost 80%.

Website visitor identification software for your customer experience strategy

Reach out to customers in real-time

Customer expectations are growing — they want instant responses, regular communication, and a personalized experience. Lead Forensics empowers you to reach out instantly; before they do.

Identify opportunities to upsell and cross-sell

Your customers are your greatest assets. Website visitor identification software helps you grow strong customer relationships and analyze on-site behavior to identify new opportunities from existing clients.

Use behavioral insight to maximize success

Detailed website analytics help you improve your site and overall experience. You can see your best performing content, your most successful referrer channels, and where your visitors are exiting fast.

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