23 B2B Sales Tools to revolutionize your sales strategies and results

20 B2B Sales Tools to revolutionize your sales strategies and results

Sales prospecting tools are all different, so it can be hard to choose the right one. The best B2B sales tool is the one that’s going to help you close more deals.

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But what does that mean? It means that the B2B sales tool should make it easy for you to find potential customers, reach out to them and get them to buy from you.

In this blog post, we’ll show you 20 of the best sales prospecting tools that will help you close more deals.

Sales Prospecting Tools

A sales prospecting tool is a software solution that helps companies find, engage and qualify business prospects. Prospecting tools typically allow B2B sales professionals to generate leads from business directories, locate prospects using custom and predefined filters, view the contacts’ social media profiles and shorten B2B sales cycles by automating the outreach process.


Lead Forensics

B2B Sales Tools Lead Forensics

Lead Forensics brings you a whole new source of data to prospect to – your website visitors. Yes, even the ones that don’t enquire (about 98% of them).

Uncover new intent data and get alerts when a prospect that’s already in your pipeline visits the site. Detailed analytics about the content they’ve looked at on your site can give you an insight into what they’re looking for, helping you to shape your approach to be as relevant to them as possible.

Price: Enquire for pricing

G2 score: 4



Vidyard B2B Sales Tools

Vidyard makes remote selling easy and creates a human connection even through a screen. With Vidyard you can send personalized video messaging to really make an impact on your prospects.

Video is proven to generate higher response rates than any other medium and is a sure way to stand out from the competition. Vidyard integrates with LinkedIn, Marketo, and you can include videos in your prospecting emails through Gmail and Outlook.

Price: Free, with plans starting at $19/month

G2 score: 4.5




Cognism provides reliable, fully compliant B2B data for you to prospect to. Find contact details for the right decision makers and search by job title, job function, or industry, with 98% accuracy.

Cognism saves time that otherwise would have been wasted on scouring for data or calling incorrect numbers, so you can spend that time hitting your sales targets instead.

Price: Enquire for pricing

G2 score: 4.7

Sales Automation Tools

Sales teams can make use of automation in a variety of ways to streamline their processes and save time. Automation can assist with initial email contact, scheduling appointments, validating data and managing sales pipeline. Automation tools are also used to track demos, qualify leads, and manage follow-ups and meetings.




Zapier is a drag-and-drop automation platform that helps businesses automate and streamline their processes. Zapier’s low-code interface allows you to quickly design and deploy workflows without coding, regardless of technical knowledge, and without upfront costs or IT resources.

It has pre-built integrations for a variety of apps like Slack, Mailchimp, and QuickBooks, plus Zapier is adding new integrations all the time. If you’re looking for something more bespoke, you can create your own.

Price: Free, with plans starting from £17.95

G2 score: 4.5




Overloop helps salespeople to automate a multi-channel outbound sales approach, combining email and Linkedin messaging to reach the right people.

Create visual and fully customizable sales pipelines and workflows, manage conversations from one central inbox, manage tasks and collaborate with your team.

Overloop can integrate with most major CRMs, Calendly, Slack, Outlook, and Zapier and if that’s not enough you can create your own integrations with their API.

Price: from €39/month

G2 score: 4.3

Sales Enablement Tools

Sales enablement tools help reduce B2B sales cycle time, increase revenue, win more deals, and increase revenue by giving them easy access to relevant content that they can share with prospects. Don’t underestimate the power of having the right content at the right time in the B2B sales journey!




Highspot is a sales enablement platform where you can manage sales content, engage buyers, and guide sales reps.

Equip your sales team with all the content they need to make a sale, which can be personalized to make it as relevant as possible. It can also make recommendations on what content you should send a lead next, based on proven AI-powered sales playbooks.

Price: from $50/month per user

G2 score: 4.7




If you’re looking to keep things simple, a content library like Sharepoint is perfect. Structure and categorize your sales enablement content easily and access it from almost anywhere, and integrate instantly with Microsoft Office applications.

In addition, sales teams can collaborate with their marketing teams by using SharePoint for projects, negotiations and sharing marketing materials.

Price: from $5/month per user

G2 score: 4



Guru is a work wiki, providing a central hub for all of your company information that’s always at your fingertips. Capture important information from anywhere with integrations with Slack, Google Chrome, Teams and many more.

Expert verification ensures the information you’re giving your prospects is always up to date and relevant, and save all departments time by eliminating repetitive questions.

Price: Free, with plans starting at $5/month per user

G2 score: 4.7

Sales Engagement Tools

Sales engagement tools manage interactions between prospects and B2B sales reps. This can cover a range of channels including email, direct messaging, voice calls and video calls. Sales engagement tools can be used to uncover information about prospects and companies, as well as manage follow-ups, such as sending personalized emails, video messages and voice calls.




Salesloft’s cloud-based applications empower sales teams with everything they need to succeed. With Salesloft, sales managers can quickly create, distribute, and track sales content, instantly update a salesperson’s CRM, and measure sales team performance. Salesloft also enables companies to transform their sales enablement programs with social collaboration, mobile tools, and analytics.

Price: Enquire for pricing

G2 score: 4.5




Outreach is a platform which provides email tracking, sales cadence, AI-powered deal insights and sales automation features all in one place.

Price: Enquire for pricing

G2 score: 4.3

Sales Management Tools

Sales management tools help teams organize, track and manage B2B sales activities, including KPI tracking, task management and pipeline management.



B2B Sales Tools nimble

Manage your contacts, stay on top of your pipeline and engage easily with your contacts at the right time using Nimble. Get visibility of your whole team’s activity and to-do lists and access nimble from practically anywhere.

Price: From $19/month per user

G2 score: 4.5




Databox makes it easy to visualize your sales activities, create informative and engaging reports, and track your progress. Choose from a huge library of pre-built dashboard templates.

Price: Free, with plans starting from $72/month

G2 score: 4.4

Sales Forecasting Tools

Sales forecasting tools help salespeople calculate their sales forecast on a monthly, weekly or daily basis. Sales forecasting tools help B2B sales representatives optimize their sales forecast based on previous sales data.




Anaplan for Sales Forecasting gives sales leaders the ability to deliver forecasts that are reliable and dynamic, empowering them to make updates on the fly based on current market conditions. Analyze sales forecasts by geography, product line, or account with the ability to drill down to any level of granularity.

Price: Enquire for pricing

G2 score: 4.6




The Deal Forecast report in ActiveCampaign provides an overview of your pipeline status and lets you forecast your business effectively on a daily, weekly, or monthly cycle.

This report also allows you to review historical trends on your forecast accuracy based on what deals are still open and which deals have been closed.

Price: From $29/month

G2 score: 4.6

Sales Productivity Tools

Sales productivity tools help with the everyday activities of B2B sales teams, like scheduling meetings, making calls, sending follow-ups to prospects and managing proposals.

These tools save time, so you spend less time on repetitive admin tasks and more time closing deals!



B2B Sales Tools pandadoc

Pandadoc lets you create, manage and personalize contracts and sales proposals, share documents with the right people and save time. You can also track if people have opened your document, how long they viewed it and even how much time they spend on each section.

Price: Free, with plans starting from $19/month per user

G2 score: 4.7



B2B Sales Tools uplead

Uplead lets you build prospecting lists with quality data, fill in gaps in data you have on existing prospects, and use their Intent Data feature to find consumption patterns that will help grow your business.

Price: Free, with plans starting from $74/month

G2 score: 4.7

CRM Tools

Sales departments use CRM software in a variety of ways. From managing leads, to storing client data, making contact with prospects and closing deals – CRM software simplifies sales work.



B2B Sales Tools salesforce

SalesForce is one of the most popular CRMs on the market. It’s easy to integrate and manage, making it popular among SMB as well as enterprise users. Salesforce CRM helps companies organize sales activities in one place, as well as track customer interactions.

Price: From £20/month per user

G2 score: 4.2



B2B Sales Tools hubspot

Businesses can use Hubspot CRM to track information about contacts, deals and projects, as well as create personalized web forms, emails and other marketing materials. It has web and mobile interfaces and it can be used by salespeople, marketers, and executives.

Price: Free, with plans starting from £38/month

G2 score: 4.4


Microsoft Dynamics

B2B Sales Tools Microsoft dynamics

Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Sales helps sales teams win more deals by providing a complete view of the customer throughout the sales cycle. Powerful reporting and analytics tools help sales people quickly find the information they need to prioritize their time.

Price: From $65/month per user

G2 score: 3.7



B2B Sales Tools pipedrive

Pipedrive is a CRM software that helps you and your team manage deals, track your pipeline and scale your sales. With its clean and user-friendly interface, Pipedrive allows you to spend more time selling and less time organizing.

Users can import leads from a variety of sources, and score, segment and nurture them all within Pipedrive.

Price: from £14.90/month per user

G2 score: 4.2



B2B Sales Tools insightly crm

Insightly is designed to help small and medium-sized businesses track, organize, and automate their business. The Insightly platform features a built-in task manager and email integration that lets users manage emails, tasks, and appointments from one interface.

With Insightly, leads can be routed automatically to the relevant person, so sales reps can follow up on leads while they’re hot. You can also automate your workflow to make the sales process smoother for you and give your prospect a better experience.

Price: from $29/month per user

G2 score: 4.2


Zoho CRM

B2B Sales Tools zoho crm

With Zoho, you can manage clients, leads, opportunities and workflows from a central dashboard. Zoho CRM provides you with powerful reports and analytics for your sales activities. You can track all your activities like sales history, conversion rates, and milestones.

Zoho CRM has a long list of integrations, to help you get a comprehensive overview of your interactions with a prospect. It can seamlessly integrate with Microsoft 365, Twilio, Zoom and DocuSign, to name a few.

Price: from £12/month per user

G2 score: 4

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