B2B marketers: we have a secret to share with you.

By making some simple changes to your business website, you can transform it into a valuable and reliable source of revenue. Traditionally, a website would have played the role of an online brochure, showcasing generic information about your organization.Over time, however, it has evolved to become a direct revenue generator that can deliver relevant experiences to potential buyers, prospects, and customers alike. It’s the first place your visitors go when they discover your business, and the last place they’ll check before making a digital transaction.

Place your CTAs above the fold

There’s an obvious, yet largely overlooked, piece of advice when it comes to generating amplified website revenue. Only 2% of website visitors make an inquiry. So, are you making it easy for the other 98% to get in touch with you? You need to make it clear to your visitors how they should communicate with you. When a visitor lands on your website, calls-to-action should sit proudly above the fold – easy to see before they get the chance to scroll past and explore your site further – leading to quicker conversions.

So, not only do your CTAs need to be strategically placed, eye-catching, and engaging, but your site also needs to be fast-loading to ensure visitors don’t miss them.

Get to know your website visitors

While your website is a valuable business asset, it’s your visitors that give it the power and potential to create new inbound opportunities – ultimately leading to increased revenue. A clear understanding of who makes up your website visitors, and where they’re coming from, provides you with valuable information for data-driven marketing decisions and personalization.

A clear view of the industries, locations, and size of the businesses visiting your website, and their buying intent, gives you insight into your various target audiences. With data-driven technology like Lead Forensics working in the background of your site, you’ll gain a vital and accessible view of your hidden traffic. Similarly, identifying your best-performing campaigns and the referrer channels that drive the most traffic helps you decide where to invest your money, and, most importantly, where you should not.

Make it easy for your visitors to inquire

Eye-catching CTAs are just the start when it comes to ensuring a simple on-site inquiry process. Delivering a seamless user experience site-wide is vital. Consider your own experience from the viewpoint of a buyer and recognize the simple and user-friendly style of the consumer websites you’re familiar with; shouldn’t your buyers expect the same simplicity? The easier it is to make a safe and quick transaction on your site – eliminating long-winded or complex inquiry processes – the sooner your site will start directly generating revenue.

Deliver relevant experiences to each and every visitor.

As a B2B organization, you’ll likely have more than one audience whether you sell multiple products and services or not. Personalizations through the noise and shows everyone visiting your site that their business matters to you, setting your products and services at the front of their mind.
Consider segmenting your potential customers based on similarities – be that sector, size, unique selling point, location, or online behavior. Then, create content, campaigns, landing pages, and online experiences that meet the needs of these segments and deliver them directly to the right person, in the right place, at the right time.

Follow-up and connect with visitors instantly.

So, instant communications and a culture of immediacy are powerful in the B2B world, often providing organizations with a competitive edge. Effective lead response management processes leading to real-time responses can revolutionize your business – transforming forgotten inquiries and lost leads into instantly engaged prospects.

To develop a culture of immediacy, with real-time follow-ups at the center of your strategy, employing a culture of customer obsession across your entire business can be highly beneficial. Lead Forensics, for example, alerts users of their website visitors as they land, providing them with the advantage of perfect timing.

Invest in high-end technology with strong integration possibilities and real-time alerts to help you stay a step ahead of your competitors. Reach out to website visitors while they’re still in ‘buying mode’, and deliver high-priority, qualified leads seamlessly across your organization.


Introduce CRO engagement tools to your site

To unlock revenue from your site, it needs to be engaging in a number of ways. Invest and include conversion-rate optimization (CRO) technology, increasing the number of touchpoints that your visitors can engage with. Similarly, you can add a Live Chat function to your site so visitors can ask questions in an informal and chatty manner. With this, you can also consider using AI chatbots to send automated prompts to potential buyers based on their on-site behavior.

Promote content, offers, and products through eye-catching header banners. Remember, the more engaging and helpful your site, the longer your visitors will spend exploring to gain the information they need to make a buying decision

Use behavioral insight to understand visitors and optimize your site.

Website visitor behavior not only provides you with valuable information about them but also about the quality of your site and its content. Lead Forensics enables users to identify the content that their visitors are reading and engaging with, while also showing where the visitors are exiting. This gives you a great indication of your most popular topics, pages, and products to help you decide what content to promote on your digital marketing channels.

This also allows you to identify what you need to alter and optimize on your site, such as adding or editing calls-to-action, form-fills, increasing page load speed, introducing pop-up ads and banners, or changing the design to boost engagement.

Don’t just sell – Educate

It can be easy to fall into the trap of continuously promoting, overusing CTAs, and ‘selling’ to your visitors at every chance you get. But, while your website offers great potential to generate revenue, it also plays several important roles in raising brand awareness, educating the market, and sharing key messages.

Transform your site into a hub of thought leadership and valuable insight that will inform and nurture potential buyers – developing your tone of voice and providing you an array of rich material to share online. With effective CRO and UX tactics across your site, the most engaged readers, viewers, and recipients of your content will find it easy to inquire, quickly becoming a prospect. A high understanding of your product leads to simpler opportunity qualifications for your organization.

Consider a website visit as an integral part of the buying journey

The B2B buyer journey is complex. Steps are often repeated, multiple decision-makers are involved with more research taking place before an inquiry. A visit to your website is a strong indication that someone is in the market for your product. Perhaps they’re seeking a new vendor, an updated or enhanced solution, or simply the best deal. Whatever has triggered their search, it’s safe to assume that they’re interested in what you do. Just because they don’t instantly inquire doesn’t mean they won’t.

So, once identified by an innovative platform like Lead Forensics, consider moving unconverted website visitors into a lead nurture program. This will help your organization stay at the forefront of their minds, building their interest until they’re ready to buy.

Test your success

Frequently testing your website is essential in generating revenue consistently. What worked once may not necessarily always work. What is hugely popular for one audience may be less than appealing to another. Your website has the power to make a lasting impression, whether it’s good or bad. Therefore, getting it right is critical for success.

Use Lead Forensics to measure the time spent on specific landing pages or pieces of content to identify your best performers and, most importantly, the ones that need improving. Experiment with varying content topics, language, imagery, and even the style of your outreach. Remember, the idea you thought would be the best isn’t always the one that drives the best results.

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