Engineering Growth: How Accura Boosted their ROI with Lead Forensics

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About Accura

Accura Engineering is known for delivering solutions for their customers' most complex manufacturing challenges.They offer a complete turnkey solution for design and manufacturing, including multi-axis machining, press tooling, and fabrication.

The Challenge

Accura Engineering was facing difficulties in identifying potential leads and converting them into sales efficiently. The sales team needed a solution that enabled them to act on leads quickly and that could help them better understand their prospects' needs and interests.

Our Solution

Accura Engineering implemented Lead Forensics, a real-time lead generation platform that provided them with valuable insights into their website visitors. The platform's user-friendly interface allowed the sales team to act on leads in real-time, enabling them to convert more sales from their website traffic.

The Lead Forensics Account Manager also worked with the Accura Engineering team to continually offer improvements and share best practice, enhancing their overall experience with the platform.

The Result

As a result of implementing Lead Forensics, Accura Engineering has experienced a significant improvement in their sales process and overall return on investment (ROI). The real-time nature of the platform allowed them to act immediately on potential leads, resulting in increased sales conversions.

Lead Forensics has proven to be an invaluable tool for Accura Engineering, enabling them to improve ROI and better serve their customers.

Lead Forensics gives such great ROI. As a platform it is very user-friendly and allows us to convert sales almost instantly as it's real-time.
Cherie Sharpe, Business Development Manager at Accura

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