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About Big Group

Big Group is a multi-award-winning, creative marketing services agency with offices in London, Newbury, Bath and Amsterdam. Specializing in the travel, financial, automotive, beauty, consumer electronics, education, industrial, entertainment & FMCG sectors, Big Group pride themselves on innovation and client retention rates.They have built long-term client partnerships with global brands including Mastercard, Hyundai, Samsung, and many other Fortune 100 companies.

Lead Forensics provides highly intelligent website visitor automation to Big Group, increasing the volume of new business leads delivered into the business across Europe as well as giving visibility to existing and lapsed customers – enabling pro-active engagement and driving up retention revenues

The Challenge

Big Group has grown rapidly over recent years, with an expanding footprint in both the UK and continental Europe. Lead generation has been important, yet the effective management, categorization, and conversion of opportunities became increasingly difficult.

Big Group needed to scale their lead generation efforts, whilst implementing a more efficient way of segmenting and routing their opportunities around the business to ensure maximum business benefit. Lead Forensics was the solution that Big Group was looking for to assist with both lead generation scale, and effective lead segmentation, routing and management.

Our Solution

Lead Forensics leverages advanced IP matching capabilities to analyze website traffic from across the Big Group’s online infrastructure in real-time. The software determines visitor intent and automatically segments into the appropriate buying stages by business division.

Big Group has an extensive online footprint, with five different websites, once visitors are automatically segmented, Lead Forensics appends business firmographics and contact information. This information is then automatically routed to the different teams throughout Big Group, and into the relevant territory.

The Result

Account Managers and Sales Representatives receive notifications of website visitors in real-time and within their existing operating systems, making the whole process frictionless. The team at Big Group can view business opportunities directly within Salesforce, along with their firmographics, intent, history and contact information – all in real-time, and also within a reporting suite.

Since adopting Lead Forensics at Big Group, we’ve tracked an increase in our inbound leads of 30%. Each of our business groups in the UK and The Netherlands now have visibility of brands visiting our websites and the tools to proactively develop these into leads. We have the additional advantage of seeing existing or prior customer brands visiting the website, which has sparked more proactive client development and retention.
Angela Anderson, Director & Head of Marketing at Big Group

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