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About Bito

BITO Storage Systems stands for innovative storage technology. As one of the few single service providers in their field, the company supplies shelving, containers, picking, and transportation systems for all industries. They are an international company, with more than 70,000 customers, and are one of Europe’s market leaders.

The Challenge

BITO required a solution to several unknowns. They knew their website was generating traffic, that their marketing campaigns were being engaged with, and their e-commerce lacking in final buy-in. They wanted something that could cut through the noise and provide insightful data for several teams in one package.

Our Solution

Lead Forensics provides the insights needed to capitalize on BITO's marketing activity, providing detailed reports on which campaigns are converting the right type of leads, saving them time and money on PPC and SEO activity. Headline reports are distributed every day to sales, marketing, and account management teams that detail prime opportunities that can be converted in real-time.

The Result

Lead Forensics has become part of the daily routine for several members of the BITO team. Whether it’s to review website visitor data, analyze campaign results, or improve e-commerce activity. The team use the platform to capture headline information that can inform decisions quickly through the daily trigger reports, or dig into the data for in-depth customer insights that can enable fruitful conversations with unconverted leads.

“BITO UK and BITO group’s experience of Lead Forensics and working with the team has been very positive since we implemented the solution. It enables us to better understand what works about our website and our wider marketing; tailoring email communication and share information with customers and new leads based on their search activity on our site, removing any guesswork when planning future campaigns.”
Duncan Grime, Marketing Manager

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