Catalyst for Growth: How Blended Products optimized their PPC with Lead Forensics

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About Blended Products

Blended Products has been a leading supplier of specialist chemicals and gases for the motorsport, refrigeration and heat treatment industries for almost 20 years. The company has expanded its services through investments and acquisitions, offering additional services like waste product disposal, hazardous storage facilities, technical support, and training.

The Challenge

In a highly competitive and rapidly-evolving industry, Blended Products recognized the need to optimize their marketing efforts and improve the effectiveness of their ad campaigns and websites.

The company wanted to ensure that their investments in Google Ads and other marketing initiatives were generating the desired results in terms of lead generation, conversions, and overall return on investment.

Our Solution

Blended Products chose Lead Forensics as their software solution to tackle these challenges. With its powerful analytics and tracking capabilities, Lead Forensics provided the tools necessary to identify the most effective marketing channels and measure the success of their campaigns.

Regular catch up meetings and speedy responses from the Lead Forensics team ensured that Blended Products received consistent, efficient support throughout the implementation process and beyond. This strong partnership allowed Blended Products to make the most of the software and maximize its benefits.

The Result

By using Lead Forensics alongside Google Ads, Blended Products was able to gain valuable insights into the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns and websites. The software allowed them to monitor the success of their ad campaigns and identify areas for improvement, resulting in better-targeted marketing efforts and increased lead generation.

Blended Products experienced a boost in their marketing results, enabling them to expand their presence in the competitive chemical industry. Lead Forensics provided Blended Products with the tools and support they needed to maintain a competitive edge in their market.

Brilliant and thorough service at all times! Lead Forensics is helping us with our targets for ensuring our ad campaigns and websites are effective.
Emma King, Marketing Manager, Blended Products

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