Increase of €330k ARR by switching from the competition

There are plenty of website visitor identification tools on the market, but Distence found that only Lead Forensics was providing results that they could turn into real connections.

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100%+ ROI achieved in first 6 months

€330kof annual revenue generated

100+working hours saved in first 3 months

How many more opportunities could you generate with Lead Forensics?

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About Distence

Distence is in the business of maximizing machine health. The team builds scalable end-to-end solutions with cutting-edge technology that make rotating industrial assets last longer, produce more, and perform better. Their solution helps service organizations and customers run more efficiently and increase asset reliability consistently as they believe plant reliability must be delivered as need-based rather than time-based. Working throughout a variety of industries, including energy, water, steel, and mining, Distence’s business model primarily revolves around building partnerships with global OEMs and local MRO partners that benefit from the solutions under a white label.

The Challenge

Distence came to Lead Forensics looking to move on from another website identification software provider. While the competitor provided many matched IP addresses, they traced these back to broadband and cloud service providers rather than the companies they served, useless information for someone looking to fill their sales pipeline.

Our Solution

Since the move to Lead Forensics, the data has proven more accurate and cleaner as inaccurate information is automatically filtered out. When prospecting new customers, it can be difficult to determine not only whether their company is a fit for your offering but who you need to contact and when to reach out to them. Luckily for Distence, Lead Forensics can solve each of these issues in tandem.

The Result

Every week, Distence download a list of prospects identified by Lead Forensics and contact those companies. While their previous supplier told them companies were looking – Lead Forensics supply the business name, what they were looking at, and more. What's more, it all happens in real time.

“After only three months, our first direct lead resulted in a new partnership with a market leader in their segment. I was able to reach out at the exact time they were looking for a solution. The estimated potential in direct sales is about €300,000 annually and accumulating software fees of €30,000.”
Erik Mosselaar, Sales and Business Development Manager

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