Cracking the Case: How doeLEGAL Uncover Opportunities with Lead Forensics

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About doeLEGAL

doeLEGAL, Inc. is a leading provider of advanced information management tools and support for corporate legal departments and law firms. With a focus on helping clients gain control over cases and costs, doeLEGAL offers a range of solutions, including Enterprise Legal Management (ELM), litigation support, and e-discovery services.

The Challenge

doeLEGAL faced the challenge of understanding who was visiting their website, which pages they were engaging with, and how frequently they returned. The company recognized the importance of tracking visitor behaviour and capturing relevant metrics to enhance their lead qualification process and sales efforts. They needed a comprehensive tool that could provide real-time data on web traffic, identify contacts associated with visitors, and enable effective follow-up actions.

Our Solution

To address their challenges, doeLEGAL implemented Lead Forensics, who provided doeLEGAL with real-tme information on visitors to their website, offering valuable insights into behavior and engagement. The solution tracked metrics such as time duration on specific pages and the order of page hits, allowing doeLEGAL to analyze and understand visitor preferences and interests.
Lead Forensics also empowered doeLEGAL to identify contacts. This feature proved to be a significant win for doeLEGAL, as it allowed them to uncover valuable leads and potential targets for their email campaigns. By applying score values to web activity, doeLEGAL could effectively determine warm leads and pass qualified leads to their Sales team to follow up.

The Result

Lead Forensics empowered doeLEGAL with comprehensive insights into web traffic visitors and contacts, positively impacting their lead qualification process, sales activities, and overall marketing effectiveness. By leveraging the contact identification capabilities of Lead Forensics, doeLEGAL enhanced their lead generation efforts. The ability to identify contacts associated with web visitors helped them expand their prospect database and create targeted email campaigns. This led to improved engagement and higher-quality leads for doeLEGAL.

If you are looking for a robust solution to get more information on your web traffic, this program is a good tool to have in your stack. It provides all the page information we need and the ability to look up contacts within the company is a huge win for us too. When developing ABM programs, this is exactly what we need to get more value from the tool. Their support reps are knowledgeable and easy to work with.
Scott Miller, Marketing Director

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