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About Fluid Branding

Fluid Branding delivers exceptional customer experiences, driven by innovation, education, relevance, and quality. More than just giveaways, their mission is to make a lasting, meaningful impression for the brands they work with in an environmentally responsible way.

The Challenge

The promotional products industry is a competitive one, with the Advertising Specialty Institute (ASI) predicting continuous growth from large players that provide a fast, painless, accessible solution for clients online. To remain competitive and retain their impressive client list which includes American Airlines, Google, and Sky — Fluid Branding needed a solution that enabled them to capitalize on all the traffic visiting their website; not just those that make contact.

Our Solution

Fluid Branding uses Lead Forensics to create bespoke workflows, focusing predominantly on new and repeat business opportunities. Their sales and account management team of over 60 people receive real-time notifications and data when prospects and existing customers visit their website but don’t inquire. Not only do they react quickly to the intelligent data gathered from Lead Forensics, they also personalize messaging to ensure interactions are always relevant and with the right person.

With Lead Forensics, Sales can engage with the prospects and existing accounts visiting their website faster than ever before.

The Result

Fluid Branding’s goal was to generate more sales revenue and create personalized, relevant experiences across each Use Case, and this was achieved thanks to Lead Forensics. In just 8 months, Lead Forensics produced ROI, allowing Fluid Branding to focus on continuing to grow its market share.

Lead Forensics is a great tool for Fluid, capturing excellent data of how our current and future clients interact within our website. We have received a first-class service from our account manager in regards to employee training and data management.
Eric Bendelow, People Operations HR & Organisation Development.

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