How Hotwire generated $100 million in pipeline revenue using Lead Forensics

$100mpipeline revenue generated

100%engagement across target market

75C-level contacts engaged

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About Hotwire

Hotwire are a communications agency and a Lead Forensics partner. They support clients’ brand engagement through PR, social media, graphic design, strategy and, most recently, Account Based Marketing (ABM). Having recently hired several ABM experts to join the team, they can now help their clients to target key accounts to maximize revenue.

The Challenge

Usually when planning an ABM campaign, it’s normal to spend $50k - $60k before launch, with no guarantee of success. Teams can expect to sit in lengthy meetings to decide who to target for the campaign, often based on potentially patchy insight with the limited knowledge they have of who has a need for their product or service. Hotwire knew they needed better insight into their clients’ web traffic if they were going to build a realistic list of target accounts, and personalize their approach based on what content they were looking at on the site.

Our Solution

Hotwire drive their clients’ growth through tactics like ABM using different marketing technologies, including Lead Forensics. Intent data supports ABM projects by revealing what their targets do once they’ve come into contact with their campaign. Lead Forensics offers meaningful insight into web traffic: who is looking at your content, where did they come in from, how long did they stay, where else did they go and how often did they return? This helps Hotwire’s clients prove how successful their ABM campaigns already are, and gives them the tools to tweak their tactics to perfection.

The Result

Hotwire’s partners, like Lead Forensics, form a key part of their clients’ success. Hotwire have recently run several effective ABM campaigns across their network, including a financial services campaign which supported a pipeline revenue growth of $100 million, and saw 100% engagement across their target market.

Crucially for our clients, Lead Forensics visitor tracking opens a window into a prospect’s intent. Intent data supports ABM projects by revealing what their targets do once they’ve come into contact with their campaign. Lead Forensics deciphers web traffic in an insightfully granular way.
Josh Turbill, Social & Digital Director at Hotwire

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