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Check out our below case study to see how Lead Forensics took the place of several different analytics tools to become Hydro Dynamics number one software specialist.

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500+MQLs delivered in first 3 months

10,000opportunities discovered in first year

100,000+working hours saved

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About Hydro Dynamics

Hydro Dynamics is the developer of a patented controlled cavitation technology to reduce costs and improve biofuel production yields. From ethanol and biodiesel, to fuel produced from non-food sources; the value created by the technology puts Hydro Dynamics at the forefront of technological development for the commercialization of next generation biofuels.

The Challenge

With website traffic high and a steady pipeline built of referral business - Hydro Dynamics wanted to achieve two things.

1. To capitalize on the opportunities within their website traffic that were otherwise hidden.
2. Create workflows and automated processes that could reduce the number of analytics tools their team were using.

Our Solution

Lead Forensics utilizes the world's largest database of B2B business IP addresses, providing you with an unrivaled way of identifying the businesses visiting your website and engaging with them at their most engaged. For Hydro Dynamics, it was as simple as creating a workflow that identified businesses in the markets that they were most excited about growing - and sending these reports to their key team members in real-time.

The Result

Having been convinced in the Lead Forensics free trial that there was dozen of opportunities that their team were completely unaware of - Hydro Dynamics have gone on-record to days they've been "blown away" by the level of insight available with Lead Forensics.

The experience with Lead Forensics has been excellent, it’s an easy process and I’d definitely recommend giving Lead Forensics a shot. All that information in one place blew my mind!
Doug Mancosky, Head of Research & Development

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