Netmatters increase lead conversion by 20% with Lead Forensics

20% uplift in lead conversion

30%of all leads are progressed with Lead Forensics intelligence

10%reduction in average cost per lead

How many more opportunities could you generate with Lead Forensics?

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About Netmatters

Netmatters is a technology company that offers performance-driven digital and technology services. These services include bespoke software, IT support, digital marketing, telecoms services, web design, cyber security, and developer courses.

The Challenge

Netmatters wanted to grow their levels of new business by increasing the conversion they were experiencing from their website. They hadn’t previously been identifying their anonymous website visitors but could see the untapped potential, and so turned to Lead Forensics as their technology partner.

Netmatters use bespoke BMS software that their highly-skilled development team built, so they needed to partner up with a company that offered a plug-and-play API that they could use with their system to access the service within their existing workflows.

Our Solution

For both new leads and existing customer opportunities, Netmatters use the Lead Forensics API to update their systems and keep their teams informed.

Using custom API calls, Netmatters record and score its website visitors based on categories such as turnover, location, and sector. They then distribute these scored leads through their in-house system, which includes artificial intelligence known as Sofia.

Sofia updates the Netmatters Business Development and Sales teams, empowering their approaches and preparing them for success. The Account Management team also receives intelligence so they can proactively reach out and provide a great service to their clients

The Result

Since Netmatters started using Lead Forensics, around 30% of all of their leads have been progressed using Lead Forensics intelligence. The team has seen an increase in productivity as the Business Development team has a steady supply of scored leads to focus on. Netmatters have also been able to reduce their cost per lead by 10% using Lead Forensics.

As digital experts, we know exactly how to get the most out of Lead Forensics, and we understand the benefits it brings across the business. If you’re a B2B business that uses your website to capture opportunities, I would highly recommend using Lead Forensics. It will considerably increase the number of leads from your site and the understanding of your marketing’s effectiveness.
James Gulliver, Founder

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