Planet-Saving Prospects: How Positive Planet use Lead Forensics to Achieve their Goals

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About Positive Planet

Positive Planet is a sustainable business advisory that offers carbon-neutral certification, carbon offsetting and carbon footprint measurement amongst other services to help businesses deliver a positive impact for people and the planet.

The Challenge

Positive Planet relies on a steady flow of leads and new clients to support their work. However, they found it difficult to track and monitor website visitors, especially those who didn't fill out a contact form. They needed a way to identify these anonymous visitors and turn them into potential leads.

Our Solution

Positive Planet implemented Lead Forensics, a software tool that tracks website visitors and provides detailed information about their company, location, and browsing behavior.

With Lead Forensics, Positive Planet can see who is visiting their website, which pages they are viewing, and how long they spend on each page. They can also identify existing clients who return to the site and track their interactions.

Using this data, Positive Planet can identify potential leads and reach out to them with targeted marketing campaigns. They can also track the effectiveness of their website content and make changes to improve user engagement.

The Result

Positive Planet has seen a significant increase in lead generation and new business opportunities. They have been able to identify potential clients who would have otherwise remained anonymous and reach out to them with personalized marketing messages.

They have also been able to improve their website content and user experience based on the insights provided by Lead Forensics.

We use Lead Forensics to both track who is visiting our website and to support our lead generation process. I really like being able to see who is visiting the site and how they are interacting with it. It is especially useful for monitoring when existing clients come back to the site and see which pages they have viewed. We generate enough new business from Lead Forensics that we see a healthy ROI.
Stephen Henry, Founding Partner

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