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23%of identified visitors were hot leads

6 yearsworking with Lead Forensics

19reports generated monthly

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About Propertyserve

Propertyserve procures, manages and delivers strategic facilities support services to commercial property in the UK, and aims to provide a first-class, professional and reliable service.

The Challenge

Propertyserve wanted to generate a more tangible benefit from their web presence. They knew people were visiting, but didn’t know who and from what business areas. The team wanted a competitive advantage in attracting the right visitors, and reacting quickly to any they do get.

Our Solution

With Lead Forensics, Propertyserve are able to tag competitors, suppliers and potential prospects, and create bespoke reports that get sent to the appropriate team members. For example, their sales team gets real-time updates on prospects that visit the website, and their contract managers receive reports on competitors and suppliers on the site.

The Result

With Lead Forensics, Propertyserve are able to break down and make sense of their website visitors. They are able to create bespoke reports and trigger systems that deliver relevant information to the right people at the right time, never missing an opportunity to engage with a potential customer.

Being able to make sense of traffic and utilize a trigger system that emails our sales team either immediately or daily – depending upon the trigger – means that we do not miss opportunities to engage with a business while they may still be on our website.
Chris Eldridge, Sales Manager, Propertyserve

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