Amping Up: How Pure PCB Supercharged Sales with Lead Forensics

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About Pure PCB

Pure PCB is a leading provider of high technology printed circuit board (PCB) production and interconnect solutions for a wide range of industries.

The company is dedicated to delivering the most cost-effective PCB production services while prioritizing reduced lead times, cutting-edge PCB technology, and a transparent, accountable production process.

The Challenge

Pure PCB was looking for ways to increase its sales and generate more RFQs (Request for Quotation) from potential customers. They needed a tool that could not only help them identify leads visiting their website but also obtain their email addresses to initiate contact effectively.

Our Solution

Pure PCB implemented Lead Forensics, a software solution that is specifically designed to help companies identify and capture leads visiting their website.

By leveraging Lead Forensics, Pure PCB was able to obtain email addresses of potential leads, enabling them to engage with prospects they wouldn’t have known about without using the software.

The Result

As a result of using Lead Forensics, Pure PCB experienced a significant increase in the number of RFQs and sales. The software's ease of use and effectiveness in capturing leads' contact information enabled the company to connect with potential customers and ultimately drive more business.

By obtaining accurate email addresses and other relevant details, Pure PCB's sales and marketing teams were able to engage more effectively with these leads, offering tailored solutions to meet their unique needs. This personalized approach led to a higher conversion rate from initial inquiries to closed deals.

The software's real-time data analysis provided valuable insights into customer behavior, enabling Pure PCB to identify trends and optimize their marketing strategies, creating new opportunities for growth.

Lead Forensics is fantastic! The thing I love most is how easy it is to use. Lead Forensics introduced us to a new way of obtaining email addresses for the leads coming to our website. This led to an increase in RFQs and sales.
Nic Bosco, Account Executive at Pure PCB

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