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As a demand generation agency, RIVET help their customers accelerate growth at fantastic speed. With Lead Forensics - they can turbo-charge that growth, both for others and themselves.

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RIVET is a demand generation agency specializing in industrial markets. The agency helps manufacturing firms drive revenue by connecting buyers and sellers at each stage of the customer journey.

The Challenge

RIVET has used Lead Forensics since the agency’s founding in 2018. Initially searching for a way to discover website visitors in real-time, and to see which content prospective clients were engaging with.

Externally, they were looking to leverage Lead Forensics as a tool when evaluating clients’ websites analytics to inform visitor engagement and performance.

Our Solution

When Lead Forensics identifies a potential business lead, RIVET cross-reference the business with LinkedIn Sales Navigator to identify the visitor. This enables them to reach out within 24 hours and seamlessly combine sales automation tools with their internal processes to make the process faster, more streamlined, and automated.

The Result

RIVET are now able to target senior marketing professionals who work for U.S-based industrial manufacturing companies using email, SEO, paid search, social media, programmatic advertising, and webinars. Lead Forensics enables the team to have a clearer picture of what prospects are seeking, which informs outreach.

"Without question, the best feature of the software is the accuracy and detail of its reporting and dashboard. Lead Forensics is relatively new to RIVET, but previous experience with the technology gives me confidence in potential business as a direct result of this tool."
Lance Baird, Ringleader at RIVET

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