How Shortlist Marketing doubled their pipeline efficiency with Lead Forensics

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£49,000of pipeline revenue from Lead Forensics

100%increase in pipeline efficiency

89additional hot leads identified in three months

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About Shortlist Marketing

Shortlist Marketing started nearly 10 years ago as an outbound B2B lead generation company, supporting smart, integrated campaigns in every sales process imaginable. Their client, Parksafe Automotive, sell CCTV and vehicle safety solutions to freight transportations and logistics companies.

The Challenge

Parksafe reached out to Shortlist for help finding more leads and increasing their sales of FORS solutions. Website visitors were leaving their site without enquiring, meaning they couldn’t follow up with them.

Our Solution

Before launching the campaign, Parksafe had a list of dream clients and an ideal customer profile (ICP). Lead Forensics visitor data helped Shortlist to make this dream a reality for them. They uploaded the list of known targets to the relevant portals using Lead Forensics’ data manager, then segmented their Visitor List as soon as relevant targets arrived.

Conversion tracking helped Shortlist to monitor activity across Parksafe’s website, immediately flagging when target prospects visited the campaign’s key pages. Using Lead Forensics allowed them to pick out key decision-makers with surgical precision, creating an efficient marketing strategy.

The Result

Since implementing Lead Forensics tools, Shortlist has halved the necessary interactions between prospecting and qualification - that’s doubled their funnel’s efficiency.

For Parksafe, this meant in the first three months, they received 89 additional leads from Lead Forensics data, with revenue worth £49,000 in the pipeline.

Whenever we reach out to our clients, Lead Forensics data turns our outbound communication from a sledgehammer into a scalpel. Lead Forensics empowered our team to succeed in Parksafe’s marketing needs.
Phil Richardson, Managing Director

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