How Lead Forensics gave Site-Seeker their highest ever click-through rate

7,400unique leads identified in 3 months

17.5%open rate

$100,000deal closed as a direct result of Lead Forensics

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About Site-Seeker

Site-Seeker is a digital marketing agency based in upstate New York, who work with companies across the US and beyond. Their certified team excel in marketing automation, SEO, pay per click advertising, and social media work. Supporting a range of businesses, from small start-ups to high-profile category creators, they incorporate Lead Forensics tools into the core of their campaigns.

The Challenge

One of Site-Seeker’s clients wanted a way to improve their email marketing results and be more specific about the personas they were targeting. They are a small team of under 50 employees but hold a massive market share in their industry by outsourcing to well-tooled teams like Site-Seeker.

Our Solution

Site-Seeker outlined four key personas they wished to target in different industries and roles. Next, they prioritised each persona: in this case, architects and end-users became their most-wanted leads. They then applied the Lead Forensics code to their client’s pages, and the software identified these targets. Once identified, they integrated these businesses and their decision-maker contacts into their email outreach.

The Result

They reached out to around 7,000 contacts with a four-email marketing program designed to engage and nurture their leads. Their marketing team use a detailed lead scoring system, with ratings between 0 and 100 for each contact based on their intent and their development. Of the 7,000 emails sent, they achieved a 17.45% open rate. This open rate led to a 5.2% click-through-rate, which more than doubles the industry standard.

$100,000 - The amount of a deal closed by one of our clients as a direct result of the data provided by Lead Forensics. That deal alone more than paid for the cost of the tool. Lead Forensics data when combined with marketing automation is a force multiplier. We achieve the highest click-through rate of any of nurture campaign and have created the most-qualified leads with the shortest running program.
Brian Bluff, CEO & Co-Founder, Site-Seeker

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