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About Survitec

Survitec Group is a worldwide market leader in marine, defense, and aerospace survival technology, delivering quality design and innovation, ensuring customers can operate safely and effectively in highly legislative markets.

The Challenge

Survitec was in need of a solution that could better interpret their website visitors' behavior - showing them who was visiting, what they were looking for, and whether they had a pre-existing relationship or not.

Our Solution

Lead Forensics enables this exact level of detail. Thanks to our database of over 1.4 billion B2B IP addresses - we are able to take the existing analytics tools within users' tech stacks and take them to the next level.

The Result

Since relaunching their website with the help of Lead Forensics, Survitec's traffic has doubled and continues to grow month on month. Sales have increased, and thanks to information on what was and wasn't being viewed, their bounce rate has halved.

Using Lead Forensics’ software, we were able to identify that clients were visiting particular product pages and bouncing off because they couldn’t find whatever it was they were looking for. We were then able to redesign pages and improve that specific customer journey. And, because of this, we’ve seen great improvements to our bounce rate, sales, and the amount of traffic to our site.
Chris Burrows, Marketing Manager

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