Virtually Unstoppable: How Virtualoom Skyrocketed Their ROI with Lead Forensics

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About Virtualoom

Virtualoom is a UK-based property marketing expert specializing in industrial properties and warehouses. Since 2019, the company has provided successful marketing campaigns for the sale of properties across the UK.

Virtualoom's team of professionals stays ahead of market trends and leverages new technologies and services to help clients sell their properties quickly.

The Challenge

As a rapidly growing business, Virtualoom faced the challenge of increasing the effectiveness and ROI of its email marketing and PPC campaigns. Traditional analytics tools provided only limited insights into visitor data and required users to fill out contact forms to gather information.

Virtualoom needed a more sophisticated solution that could reveal visitor information without form submissions and allow for more personalized and targeted follow-ups.

Our Solution

Virtualoom chose Lead Forensics to identify website visitors without the need for form fills, and provide valuable insights into potential clients visiting Virtualoom's website as a result of PPC or paid advertising campaigns.

Lead Forensics enables Virtualoom to gather prospects' names, contact information, and even the keywords they used to find the website. This information is seamlessly integrated into Virtualoom's existing tech stack, enabling the team to craft targeted follow-up workflows and make data-driven decisions.

The Result

By using Lead Forensics, Virtualoom managed to maximize its ROI on email marketing and PPC campaigns, ensuring that their investment in paid advertising yielded better results.

The actionable insights provided by Lead Forensics allowed Virtualoom to identify and engage high-quality leads more efficiently, reducing the cost per acquisition and increasing the overall effectiveness of its campaigns.

With the insights provided by Lead Forensics, Virtualoom was able to create targeted and personalized follow-up workflows, significantly improving its sales pipeline. By reaching out to prospects directly based on their online behavior and the keywords they used, Virtualoom could tailor their approach, resulting in a higher conversion rate and increased revenue.

I love Lead Forensics! Only a small number of people that visit your site actually fill out a contact form. Lead Forensics allows us to identify site visitors without the need of filling out a form, maximising ROI on email marketing and PPC campaigns.
Olivia Harris, Managing Director, Virtualoom

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