Are you measuring the right B2B marketing metrics?

Though 80% of marketers are driven by data, many still struggle to properly measure their marketing efforts, gauging their success and gaining vital understanding to benefit future campaigns. Only by grasping marketing metrics, can you gain advanced campaign insight to fuel improved results.

Are You Properly Measuring Your Lead Generation Results?

80% of B2B marketers claim to be data-driven, yet 1 in 3 struggle to properly measure their lead generation success. Understanding the best metrics to measure when managing a detailed lead generation strategy can be tricky with each channel having its own KPIs.

Is a Lead Generation Software Right For Your Business?

Lead generation is key; it keeps your business alive by fuelling your sales pipeline, but successful lead generation is not always an easy ride. Many turn to lead generation software, to help their teams undertake a more complex marketing strategy with targeted campaigns to improve the quality of new business opportunities generated for the business.

Common challenges for lead generation marketing

Lead generation marketing is essential for every growing organization; kicking off your sales pipeline and providing the opportunities that lead to revenue increase and overall business growth. Recent studies show some common key challenges facing marketeers. A staggering 42% struggle to attract their target audience, and a third of teams find difficulty in managing response […]

Are millennials changing B2B sales?

As more millennials come into decision making business roles, we see a significant shift in many areas affecting B2B sales. The rise of technology means millennials think differently; they look to social media and online outlets for information and assurance. 73% prefer email communications above all others. This means your sales team may need to bend their strategy…

Is website visitor tracking the secret to B2B sales success?

Website visitor tracking offers B2B marketing departments some seriously exciting advantages. Understanding website visitor audience identity and behaviours allow marketers to run more efficient campaigns for improved results, but what can this tracking process offer B2B sales teams?

Reverse IP lookup tools: are they worth our time?

Though IP addresses have been a part of our digital world for some time, the ability to reverse their search function to discover the domain name is a more recent phenomenon. Reverse IP trackers allow organizations to identify the business networks visiting their website, offering exceptionally exciting data. But is it worth the trouble? What […]

Is IP tracking legal?

Many B2B marketers use IP address tracking. It’s a popular solution, helping businesses gain a better understanding of their online audience and boosts lead generation success.

Can IP tracking software help my business?

IP address technology has now been around for decades, helping us to pass data between networks and access the online world. Though IP addresses are so deeply rooted in our digital dependence, many businesses remain unsure if IP address tracking software can genuinely help their marketing and sales efforts.